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House Republicans Look To Reshape Birth Control Debate
March 9, 2012
U.S. House Republican leaders are looking for a way to reshape the debate over the administration's new rule on birth-control insurance coverage before moving ahead with a bid to nullify the requirement.
New Book "Small Arms & Deep Pockets" Explores Deadly Trade in Small Arms
February 9, 2012
With nearly a billion small arms in circulation around the world and three-fourths of them in civilian hands, the rise of armed conflicts have been linked to the international trade in small arms
SOPA, PIPA Blackouts and Attacks on Facts Show Disregard for Civil Discourse
January 28, 2012 is a nonpartisan letter-writing service offering an easy way for people to get their ideas in front of members of the U.S. government, public officials, media outlets and more.
WinAnElection and Political Marketing International will provide political candidates with robocalls
January 12, 2012, a division of Fox Marketing and Print Group LLC, a Nevada company, has entered into an agreement with Political Marketing International, Inc (PMI), a Florida company, to provide robocalls for political candidates.
National Guard Plugs Communication Gap in Mississippi River Flooding
January 5, 2012
Recent Air National Guard flood response initially hampered by 30 mile communications gap; innovative ANG deployment of TACPAK mobile command center plugs gap and supports mission success
Air India has come up with Air India flight tracking, which helps the passenger with their booking status.
December 1, 2011
Air India has made it convenient for their passengers by introducing the Air India flight tacking, wherein you can track your status online, all you need to do is just enter your flight number, & here comes your status in no time.
Super World Citizens
November 15, 2011
This is one of many reviews: I would have to describe this book as a very exciting story. There is definitely enough good stuff in it to make it a worthwhile read.
Michael Ciftci Thanks Election Campaign Supporters
October 26, 2011
Michael Ciftci Thanks His Campaign Supporters From The Bottom of His Heart
Attorney Patricia M. Lee Creates White House Petition For Creation Of New Child Abduction Prevention Policies
October 26, 2011
Florida Attorney Patricia M. Lee is seeking for U.S. government lawmakers to implement child abduction prevention policies including the creation of a secondary non-departure list for U.S. citizens suspected of being high-risk child abductors.
U.S. Government Accountability Office Suggests Creating Security Screening List For High-Risk Child Abductors
October 18, 2011
Child Abduction Prevention Advocates Peter Thomas Senese, Patricia Lee, Joel Walter, Carolyn Vlk, Jill Jones-Soderman and Eric Kalmus are urging the Department of Homeland Security To Implement a Government Accountability Office recommendation.
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