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Zanini to Manufacture Wheel Rims in China and India in 2014
March 15, 2013
The automotive parts manufacturer aims to increase its revenue by 30% by 2017 through new plants.
Ministry of Employment and the Economy Announces Nine Commercial Actions of the Government in 2013 to promote the Furniture Indust
March 15, 2013
The regional government has invited the three officers Fair trade internationally to promote sales of products
The Government of Cospedal Shares with the Government of Spain the Importance of Supporting SMEs in their Commercial Activities
March 14, 2013
The Minister of Employment and the Economy has stated that "Castilla-La Mancha has the best data in the history of our region's exports," Home said that "although we have the second most advanced in terms of national exports
Spain Prepares to Develop Turkey's Rail Network
March 14, 2013
The Spanish rail industry is very well positioned to win contracts in Turkey, thanks to its great experience and its excellent relations with Ankara.
Dubai eGovernment adds Nol card recharge to mPay services
March 14, 2013
This is the second service after Salik recharge service that the RTA has implemented through Dubai eGovernment's mPay
The Work and Effort of Our Merchants to Improve the Sector's Competitiveness
March 14, 2013
The Minister outlined that traders in the region contribute to 11.4 percent of GDP across the region and provide employment to 14 percent of society
Spain Shows Off the Best of its Cuisine in Japan
March 14, 2013
Spain exhibited traditional products decorated with beautifully-designed packaging for the sophisticated Japanese market at the Foodex fair.
Armenian lobby and Iranian State Propaganda Attack Azerbaijan-Israel Burgeoning Relations
March 13, 2013
Armenian lobby groups such as ANCA building on pervasive and deep-rooted Turcophobia, anti-Azerbaijanism and anti-Semitism, join forces with mullahs of Iran, attack expanding strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Israel.
Spain is Now The World's Fourth Most Competitive Tourist Destination
March 11, 2013
Switzerland, Germany and Austria came ahead of Spain thanks to their competitive prices, experience and official backing for the sector.
Castilla-La Mancha Grow above the National Average in the Birth of Corporations
March 11, 2013
In the last month there have been 293 new corporations, representing an increase of 11.4 percent, and since the start of the new 4185 legislature Dissolution of companies is down 6.6 percent, representing 20 percent better than the national
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