Predrag M Milenkovich Celebrates Aviation Suppliers Association Membership

Predrag M Milenkovich, president of AvioTech Incorporated, proudly celebrates his 8th year as a member of the Aviation Suppliers Association.
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Cleveland, OH ( January 21, 2013 - Predrag M Milenkovich, president of AvioTech Incorporated in Cleveland, OH, is a proud member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA). Since 2005, Predrag M Milenkovich has been an active member of ASA, distinguishing himself as an aircraft parts and maintenance expert who meets and exceeds the regulatory standards.

Members of ASA are all encouraged to promote safety as well as ethical business practices, which is the reason Predrag M Milenkovich has been a staunch supporter and member of the organization. Since the aviation industry is an international business, Predrag M Milenkovich is glad that a group like ASA can unite the community under a common banner.

Predrag M Milenkovich and AvioTech Incorporated are one of 440 companies that are a part of ASA. As a nonprofit organization, ASA places a heavy emphasis on meeting national and international regulations to ensure safety for all passengers. Whether it's the creation of new aircrafts or the repair of existing parts, the ASA works to keep all fliers safe. Since joining the ASA in 2005, Predrag M Milenkovich has worked to ensure that his company has exceeded the expectations set forth by ASA. Aside from providing some of the best aviation supplies possible, Predrag M Milenkovich manages his company in an ethical manner and puts safety before the bottom line.

In fact, Predrag M Milenkovich has developed such a trusted reputation that many members of the ASA that he's networked with have referred him to potential clients. While it's easy to take shortcuts and undermine quality in the aviation supplies industry, Predrag M Milenkovich insists on diligent hard work to ensure the safest and most technologically advanced parts available. Coworkers and business partners are continuously impressed by Predrag M Milenkovich's dedication to growth and improvement. However, much of Predrag M Milenkovich's drive to the best quality available is due largely in part to his membership with the ASA.

As he continues his career in the aviation industry, Predrag M Milenkovich hopes to remain active in ASA as well as other aviation organizations. By continuously networking with others in the industry, Predrag M Milenkovich knows that he and his company will be pushed to accomplish the highest standards possible.


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