Warning Parker Worldwide Marketing? Negative Reviews on UK Blogs and Forums

Warning negative reviews and marketing - sweeps through UK blogs and forums!!! Beware of these types of negative press set up to create "viral marketing" to slander the ethics of their competition! READ CLEARLY.
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Southampton, United Arab Emirates (prHWY.com) April 30, 2011 - What is negative online marketing? To be honest I'm not really sure if negative online marketing is an actual term, however that is the term I use to describe individuals using various online marketing tactics to slander their competition as opposed to promoting themselves. These are cheap and unethical forms of business.

Where did negative marketing start? I doubt anyone can say for sure, however I became aware of it during the 2008 Democratic Primary elections. Maybe all the negative ad campaigns being run by the candidates can be attributed to inspiring the very first negative online marketer. The first negative online marketing campaign I ever saw was not even on the internet. It was in fact on television. A local mattress company aired a television advertisement that resembled your typical television ad until the very end where the person in the commercial said "Google search our competition and find out why we are better". The first 50 or so times I saw that commercial I never really put two and two together. Then on a day when nothing better was going on I decided to do a quick Google search on their competitors. The search results brought back numerous blogs, forums, and other online social websites with negative comments about their competition.

The bedding store is not the only example of negative marketing. Just recently I received a phone call from a friend that owns a nail salon. She wanted to know how she could remove negative comments from Yahoo's local search. If you have ever looked at Yahoo's local search, you will see that there is an option to view or write a review about a business. Sure enough there were negative reviews.

Could the reviews or negative comments be legitimate? I'm sure they can be but legitimate or not, I have noticed a trend of negative comments or bashing online. This trend which I refer to as negative online marketing is quite interesting and brings up a few questions. How do you go about negative online marketing? Is negative online marketing effective? If so, why is negative online marketing effective?

There are quite a few ways in which people go about negative online marketing. The first and most common method is blogging. Negative marketers would go into those blogs and create the illusion that they have worked with the business and had a negative experience. Review websites are also very popular with negative online marketers. Reviews can be submitted by visitors on websites like: yahoo local, Google Shopping and many other online shopping sites. As in the nail salon example above, people who want to hurt their competitor's business can post negative comments on review sites. Negative marketing can also be done by creating simple websites or by emailing marketing and discussing negative aspects about a business's competition. There are many other ways to perform negative online marketing those are just the most common methods.

Is negative marketing effective? Most of the time negative online marketing is unfortunately very effective. One of the reasons why it is so effective is because it is usually hard to remove those negative comments allowing them to live on for a long time on the internet. Some websites allow users to report spamming, but because it can be hard to distinguish spammers from marketers negative comments are rarely removed as they have the illusion that they are freedom of speech. Many people shopping or looking for information about companies online will be easily persuaded into not using a company if it is discussed negatively. If a company performs negative online marketing about their competition and has positive marketing about them, they are likely to get the business over their competitors.

Negative Online Marketing is also much easier for marketers to perform than positive marketing. For example, it is harder to post positive comments in a blog and not get removed as spam, than it is to post negative comments which look like you are warning potential customers. Because negative online marketing is so easy, it is becoming dangerously more popular online. Forums and blogs sites only offer your company the right to defend against the negative marketing with your own comments which only increases it's positioning on the search engines and drive more traffic to the forum, so it's a win for the forum and the negative marketing.

Negative Online Marketing, marketing which slanders competition, is a new and growing trend in the Internet world. Parker Worldwide www.parker-worldwide.co.uk does not promote Negative Online Marketing, it is a very low unethical and harmful method of increasing business by slandering your competition. Soon the law will have to take action on the publishers as well as the authors. If only there was a forum about low ethical forums that condone these types of negative online marketing strategies for their own financial gain...

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