Quick Pay at BetDNA? It Works

By utilizing Bitcoin as a payment option, customers at BetDNA will have the opportunity to get paid, in most cases, within a day of making their payment request, and that is almost unheard of in the online sportsbook industry.
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San Jose, Costa Rica (prHWY.com) July 12, 2017 - Does anybody who engages in sports gaming want to wait to get paid? Surely a customer who has to put his or her money into an account up front, placing that kind of trust in an operation that conducts its business offshore, wants a payout that takes place with the same degree of diligence that they have put forth. Those customers who seek quick service and may have been dissatisfied, or want something a little better, might want to investigate the policy BetDNA has instituted.

An organization that has been operating out of Costa Rica for the last couple of years, BetDNA understands that customer service is something that can become a deal-breaker if it does not attend to a player's needs enough, and part of that involves rapid response on those intermittent occasions when it is time to "settle up." The folks at the home of the best live betting software on the planet want patrons to know that they have some relief for those who have been frustrated.

They also see that a big part of the future of doing business in the sports gaming world involves the use of Bitcoin, a virtual currency which facilitates lightning-fast peer-to-peer transactions. Seeing the opportunity to take great customer service to a new level, BetDNA management has placed an emphasis on using Bitcoin as a viable payment option. Players who want to get into the action right away will have the opportunity to do so with "BTC," alongside their other payment options, such as major credit cards, person-to-person transfers like Western Union or MoneyGram, and the UPay Card system.

Along these lines, they have chosen to institute a policy where they pledge to fulfill customer payment requests in such a way as to put a smile on everyone's face. Some have nicknamed it "DNA Quick Pay," in which those customers who have opened up an account with Bitcoin can get their payout within 24 hours of their request. This has been the de facto policy for quite some time now, and they have gotten some very positive feedback from folks who love what they have been doing.

One of their customers was so impressed that he actually made another request - to be able to supply a testimonial as to the way they do business. Referring to himself as J.T. (BetDNA protects the anonymity of its patrons), he came into his sportsbook account with Bitcoin, and says, "One of the best things about dealing with them was once I completed my rollover requirements, I received an $8,000 payout the same day of my request.....wow! I don't need to tell you guys how awesome that is for a player like me and how rare to be able to receive that much of a payout the same day of my request."

Such a glowing account, which came completely unsolicited, was an inspiration for the operators of BetDNA, including Max Traynor, the manager who handled J.T.'s account. The proverbial "light" went on, and this was one more step toward undertaking these same-day / 24-hour payouts as a matter of policy.

Those who are looking for a refreshing change from the red tape that happens to them, which has become more or less a standard at many of the major sports gaming establishments, will want to consider "DNA Quick Pay" at BetDNA, which provides a wide selection of choices, including plenty of pre-match alternative lines, along with the strongest live betting software available, which allows customers to stay very much involved in the action - in progress - in a very fast-paced manner. Just visit www.betdna.com for more information, or give them a call at 1-888-868-1916.


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