Windows 8 Further Raises Concerns of Portable Data Security

Windows 8 has posed new security challenges for data security in general, many data security software are expected to have compatibility issues. Therefore, it makes sense to do your research on which data fortification suite work best with Windows 8.
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Beaverton, OR ( November 19, 2012 - Beaverton, Oregon - Nov-19-2012 - The personal computer has come a long way from its inception. At first, personal computers came integrated with a floppy drive, followed by compact disks. However, when USB flash drives came onto the scene, they had changed the game. All one needed was a USB Port, and they can transfer multitude of data to a small, stick like device, which could fit in your pocket. This small, yet innovative development had a significantly positive impact on improving business and personal productivity. Today, it's just as popular. However, one of the major drawbacks of these small devices is theft or loss. Although they are relatively cheap, if lost, you can purchase another one. Nonetheless, if one makes the mistake of storing confidential data on these devices, and then ends up losing it, things can go wrong very quickly, to say the least. According to data security expert Jonathan Ladd of New, most busy executives utilize jump drives quite frequently by saving company related financial data, schematics, customer contacts, marketing strategies, and blue-prints. If such information ends up in the wrong hands, which often is the case, organizations usually end up losing millions of dollars as a result of that data theft. What's encouraging is that many executives are realizing the significance of portable data security. As a result many have opted to Secure USB drives with data security software.

However, with Windows 8 now fast replacing its predecessors, many of its flaws are overlooked thanks to its overall positive performance report. On the other hand, a major flaw that most don't realize is related to its software compatibility issues. Third-party portable data security software may fail to secure data stored on USB flash drives. As developers race to come up with patches, it may be too late for some. Currently, the only popular data security software that does work with Widows 8 is USB Secure.

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