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CDS - At the precipice of innovation and technology
March 14, 2013
CDS is a key link in the supply chain in Canada as they work with national and international companies who make the markets what they are.
CDS - The key company moving the Canadian Supply Chain
March 14, 2013
The CDS dry storage and cold storage wing manages piece, pallet and case pick operations allowing new products to flourish in the market.
Pico de Botella Party Game Now Available for Android
January 16, 2013
Pico de Botella is the Spanish phrase meaning "spin the bottle," but this game goes far beyond the innocent smooching of the youth game.
Find Beautiful Colombian Women Quickly At Romancelatina
January 11, 2013
Romancelatina - an online Latino dating site has added new interesting features in its website to locate perfect single easily and quickly.
Practical English brings native teachers and technology to Bucaramanga
November 18, 2012
Practical English announced today they have launched their new real world learning format to teach English in Bucaramanga.
Introducing the World of Pageantry to Young Women of Color
September 19, 2012
Miss & Teen Black International Scholarship Pageants proudly announces the 2013 pageant year is planned. This exciting year is filled with Sparkle, Glitz, and Glam!
TvGan Remates was successfully inaugurated by Juan Gonzalo Angel
September 11, 2012
TVGAN reported the virtual auction in Colombia as a complete success, which put more than 400 animals up for sale which came from the different areas of Tolima, Córdoba, Antioquia, Cesar, Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Sucre, Santander and Caldas.
LDR Holistic Canada Offers Female Only Program @ H.E.R. Treatment Facility
May 28, 2012
This press release informs the reader that LDR Holistic Canada is one of the best treatment centers that offers treatment programs for females and helps in early recovery.
Addiction Treatment At LDR Holistic Follows Bio-Psycho-Social Approach
May 28, 2012
This press release informs the readers about the approach in alcohol and drug treatment that is completely Bio-Psycho-Social in nature. This helps in the recovery of large numbers of individuals.
Benefit From Personalized Addiction Treatment Program @ LDR Holistic Canada
May 28, 2012
This press release informs the readers about the personalized addiction treatment program that is being offered to the addicts that are brought to the LDR holistic rehab in Canada and the benefits that they get from such forms of treatments.
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