Vaping Proves to be One of the Easiest Ways to Quit Smoking

'Ready to Quit Kit' is industry first for women who want to quit without gaining weight.
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Minneapolis, MN ( December 29, 2012 - Minneapolis, MN, Dec. 28, 2012 - January is a big month for resolutions, and the two most popular ones are to quit smoking and lose weight. "E cigarettes do help people quit," says Dr. Heath of the American Cancer Society, Dr. Whelan of the American Council of Science and Health and several other doctors from leading institutions in the U.S. and U.K.

Vaping Vamps, a new electronic cigarette brand created by and for women, has just released the industry's first and only 'Ready to Quit Kit,' which uses the step-down method of nicotine replacement therapy or NRT. It includes five cartomizers in decreasing nicotine levels.

"Vaping an electronic cigarette can be one of the easiest ways to quit smoking," says Maria Verven, owner and 'lead vamp' of Vaping Vamps. "Quitting smoking and gaining weight don't have to go hand in hand," she said. "Women can substitute vaping either a nicotine or non nicotine electronic cigarette instead of either smoking or snacking."

"Increasing evidence shows that smokers are significantly more likely to quit when aided by e cigarettes as opposed to cessation products such as nicotine patches and gum," said 14 doctors in a letter to the FDA, asking them to reconsider their 'hyper-precautionary stance on e cigarettes.' "The difference seems to be that e cigarettes actually succeed in getting people to quit smoking," they wrote.

The FDA is considering creating a new class of "tobacco harm reduction" products including e cigarettes, which cut out 99 percent of the carcinogens of tobacco cigarettes.

A lot of research is being done on the electronic cigarette; in one study published by Addiction Magazine, 96% of the 3,500 people who participated said it helped them quit smoking.

Women who smoke are prone to heart disease and lung cancer, which kills more women than breast cancer, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer combined. The good news is that women who stop smoking before middle age live 10 years longer than if they continued to smoke, according to a 12-year study of over 1 million women.

"My own 21-year-old daughter quit smoking using the e cigarette after failing to quit with the nicotine patch," said Maria Verven, Vaping Vamps owner and 'lead vamp.' "After she quit, I was determined to help other women quit smoking with the electronic cigarette."

As about 43 million people who smoke try to find the easiest ways to quit smoking and more research on electronic cigarettes comes to light, the e-cigarette market is expected to grow exponentially. Bonnie Herzog, an analyst with Wells Fargo, says, "Electronic cigarettes are more than a fad;" she predicts they could outpace consumption of traditional cigarettes in 10 years.

"While there are dozens of electronic cigarette brands out there, Vaping Vamps is the only one to focus on women and offer them something they can't find anywhere else: a kit that can potentially help them transition to a longer, healthier and smoke-free life," Verven said.

"Women are naturally concerned about gaining weight if and when they quit smoking, but it's often because they substitute snacking for smoking," she said. "Vaping satisfies those oral cravings, which makes it possible to quit smoking without gaining weight."

Consumers can purchase e-cig starter kits, the 'Ready to Quit Kit' and the 'Vampstick' (a non nicotine electronic cigarette) at the Vaping Vamps website,, where there's free shipping on all products. Five percent of all profits are donated to Vaping Vamps' non-profit partner, Dress for Success. Electronic cigarette reviewers and sites that promote tools to help women quit smoking are invited to become affiliates.

About Us:
Based in Minneapolis, Minn., Vaping Vamps is the first independent electronic cigarette brand created by and for women. Vaping Vamps developed the e cigarette industry's first and only 'Ready to Quit Kit' to help women who want to quit smoking. Five percent of all profits are donated to Dress for Success. For more information, visit

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