San Diego Attorney Announces "No Billing by the Hour" Practice

San Diego Divorce Lawyer Paul Staley makes law practice simpler and more affordable by not practicing the standards of billing clients by the hour.
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San Diego, CA ( January 4, 2013 - Attorney Paul Staley of Staley Law Offices in San Diego announced that his law office is not going to bill their clients by the hour. He decided his law firm would go for, "No Billable Hours", unlike most mainstream law offices. Staley explains that he understands that a recession is causing more stress and that most of his clients would be unable to afford the per hour service rate. His law office, Paul Staley Divorce and Family Lawyers, now accepts family disputes and related cases at fixed prices.

Cases like divorce and child custody in California can be messy and traumatic. Staley acknowledges that most cases like divorce, child dispute, child support and even family violence have added too much strain in every individual's life. He points out that families who have to go through this experience are usually confused, sad and depressed because they feel helpless. He doesn't advise his clients to stop getting angry, nor does he patronize of pontificate. Instead he said, "As your Divorce Attorney, we can change that".

His law firm aims to empower clients to enable them to have a new and happier life. His website testimonies of satisfied clients prove that most of his cases have been won as amicably as possible. While he believes that the best "revenge" of his clients is "living well" rather than getting bitter or angry, he also believes that anger cannot be avoided until they were given enough help to transform themselves and live more productive lives.

He adds that he has a different manner of dealing with his clients and practicing law: it is to treat them humanely as people and to understand that some of these people do not have enough money to be billed by the hour. He admits that while even some of his colleagues think that he's crazy, he would rather practice Family Law "out of the box" to get what his clients deserve. Instead he and his clients agree on one fixed price and everything after remains free until he manages to get what his clients deserve.

He's known as one of the most unconventional lawyers by the San Diego Family Court but he doesn't mind because he wants things done as simple and as painless as possible so that his clients can move on to a happier phase in their lives. He tells people, "I want to limit your stress", knowing that San Diego Family litigation can be emotionally draining. He explained that he does not boldly confront an adversary, unless he is totally unreasonable and avoids escalating conflict between the two parties when it is not necessary.

A top expert in Family Law, Paul Staley's team uses the same method and though he hates "messy cases", he has a whole team to "fix it when and should it gets messy". Staley not only handles divorce but other cases too like marital abuse, family violence, child custody, child support, property division, and paternity. He also replies to questions in his blog at about some intricacies of San Diego Family Law.


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