How to prevent yourself from scam in runescape?

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Sydney, KY ( January 11, 2013 - Runescape welcomed by so many people, especially young people, but some scammers take the advantage of this game to get profit from runescape players. As you know, rs gold is an important thing "#Hj01011R" in the game, so there are many kinds of tricks from those scammers who want to cheat people's money. We rs gold noticed that a few people get scammed by GE scam from time to time, so RSorder now give you some suggestions for avoiding the Grand Exchange scam, hope it will be helpful for you all.

How does the GE scam works?

The scammer or a team of scammers will have bought out a runescape item up to a certain price, because of the obscurity of the item there is often a low stock so this can be easily done for a cheaper price of runescape gold and repeated over short periods of time. They will then but the back in the GE at their runescape gold inflated price and hop from world to world asking people to buy the limit for them offering them a decent profit for doing so. Once the item itself is bought they simply log out and hop to another world and try again.

How to prevent yourself from scam?

Some really simple yet effective tips on scam prevention as follows:

1. Do a little bit of research on the item.

2. Question the potential scammer (even if you know the answer), for example, "what are you using the item for?" normal players will answer your question calmly, but scammers often get annoyed and impatient also the scammer will often lie.

3. Make them wait. When they ask you to buy runescape item say something like "sure, I just need to get a drink I'll get them when I'm back" will do. A legit player will patiently wait for runescape gold for sale you because you're doing them a favour. Scammers are impatient or abusive.

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