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When looking for turnkey SEO packages which produce real results, SubmitINme is one player to name.
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Kansas City, KS ( January 22, 2013 - Kansas City, KS ( prhwy ) January 19, 2013 - During the Global recession, they helped online businesses with their Recession package which was a cheap but highly effective SEO strategy that got businesses the best ROI. When Google panda hit the websites during 2011, they formulated the Panda package. With all the important panda algorithm factors taken into consideration, the panda package helped websites recover and get back into the game. 2012 was the year full of jarring and jolting algorithm updates. The major updates such as the Google penguin update, the EMD update and the series of Google panda aftershocks made them work harder and come up with the unique Googled SEO strategy. This is all about SubmitINme, whose SEO research team is one of the strongest players we have seen till date. As quoted by Geno Thampi, the Strategic Director of SubmitINme in the official blog of SubmitINme, "While most of the SEO companies out there are cursing Google for the series of algorithm updates that happened throughout 2012, we at SubmitINme really consider those updates as boons. Those algorithm updates enabled our SEO research team to stretch the potential of our SEO packages and services."

From the media contact of SubmitINme, we were able to learn that SubmitINme has worked hard in analyzing the results and effectiveness of each and every service offered during 2012. SubmitINme's plans were to shed out strategies of 2012 that don't work anymore as we enter into 2013. However, according to the research team, all the strategies with SubmitINme are fined tuned to deliver the full potential and this was done through 2012 when the algorithm updates were frequently put up. Hence, all the services from 2012 make its way towards 2013 as well, without getting shed out. "Effectiveness is all that matters. Effectiveness in the form of organic search engine rankings, increase in search engine traffic, referral traffic from new sources and signals from the best social media sites. All the current services that we offer perform the best in obtaining all these."

A few words on the new SEO and social media marketing services were said by Geno, "Image sharing networks such as Pinterest have grown at a very fast pace. In fact, images are the most shared media in all social networks such as Facebook. We have formulated unique strategies that make use of this trend. Infographic promotion and Pinterest marketing are 2 new services that we have introduced based on this. Results would be in the form of social signals, improved search engine rankings and extreme branding."

The entire SEO world expects more algorithm updates during 2013. SubmitINme is ready to welcome any algorithm updates. In fact SubmitINme thanks the ones happened during 2012 for helping them fine tune their SEO packages.

This press release is published based on the information available on the official blog of SubmitINme . The actual words as spoken by the media contacts are also used.

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