Best Exercise To Lose Weight -

Best Exercise To Lose Weight -
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Iowa City, IA ( January 23, 2013 - Best Exercise To Lose Weight -

What is the best exercise to lose weight?

It's difficult to give a specific answer to this question as it depends on an individual's own unique circumstances and personal preferences. So what I'll do in this article is give you some suggestions as to what I feel are the best exercises to lose weight, and then you can make up your own mind. Generally speaking, an exercise that works on your cardio is ideal for helping you to lose weight as it stimulates your heart rate and forces your body to begin burning energy and excess fat. Pumping weights at the gym may make you stronger, but it won't necessarily help you to lose weight, much the same as crunches will tone your abdominals but won't help you to lose belly fat.

Play A Sport

Sometimes the hardest thing about an exercise routine is sticking to it. By regularly playing a sport that you enjoy, you can avoid this problem and help yourself to lose weight quickly, obviously depending on the type of sport and the intensity with which you participate. For instance, playing squash is going to help you lose weight quicker than say golf.

Running Or Jogging

The timeless favourite to get fit and lose weight. Most lose weight exercise programs will inevitably include some running or jogging at some point. The great thing about using jogging as an exercise to lose weight is you can do it pretty much anywhere, and you don't need any equipment. If you are a member of a gym, why not include an intense run on the running machine as a good warm up before your session.

Start with 10 minutes and gradually work your way up to 20 minutes.

In addition, go for runs outside in your local park or similar area, it will be less boring than the machines at the gym!

The other great thing about running is that it's easy to track your progress and see your improvement over time, with greater distances run in quicker times, and improved recovery rates - not to mention a noticeable weight loss.

If you are not able to run or jog, don't worry. Go for long brisk walks and try to improve your times as you progress. Many people pooh-pooh walking as an exercise to help them lose weight, but if done on a regular basis with a good pace you can begin to see dramatic results, and, more importantly, the progress you make will inspire you to continue with your exercise program.

My uncle suffered from heart and weight problems and was literally at death's door. The doctors advised him to change his diet and begin taking regular walks every day, so he did. Today, he is in much better shape and continues to get up early in the morning and walk for a good couple of hours. He has lowered his blood pressure as well as losing fat, and this change of lifestyle and exercise has literally transformed him. Never underestimate the power of even the simplest of exercises.


Another great exercise that can be performed at home, in the gym, or out in the fresh air. An excellent cardio exercise, cycling has many benefits to help you to lose weight, as well as increased stamina, endurance and strength.

If you haven't already, you should definitely look to incorporate some bike work into your workouts - even a simple thing like cycling to work everyday instead of catching the bus or taking the car can have a profound effect on your weight loss success.


An often underrated exercise to lose weight, swimming has the added benefit of significantly improving stamina and muscular strength as well as toning your body.

I guess the reason it's underrated as an exercise to lose weight is that we associate lose weight exercises to building up a sweat, and obviously you don't sweat while swimming (or at least, you don't notice it). However, swimming is one of the best all round exercises.

It must be stressed though that swimming needs to be complemented by a good healthy diet plan which looks at eliminating unnecessary calories. Swimming on its own, as with all the exercises mentioned here will not help you to lose weight if your calorie intake remains high, and you have a poor diet.

Before beginning any of the lose weight exercises here, I would recommend taking a look at Fitness Expert Craig Ballantyne's Exercise and Weight Loss Program. He has a Free report on common mistakes and pitfalls in exercise programs, and shows you how you can maximise your exercise routines in just 45 minutes 3 times per week.



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