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The accounts of neglect, demeaning and cruel behaviour sound far too familiar to our medical negligence solicitors in our Newcastle based office here at TLW Solicitors.We deal with medical negligence claims on a daily basis.
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North Shields, United Kingdom ( January 30, 2013 - Report Highlights Shocking Care Standards within the NHS
The Patients Association has recently published its fourth annual 'Patient Stories' report - a series of case studies highlighting shocking patient experiences of poor care within the NHS.

The report catalogues 13 accounts from patients or relatives who have experienced poor care in hospitals and care homes around the country. It is a snapshot of the many stories of poor care heard and reflects wider shortcomings in the NHS, which requires changes both on hospital ward level, but also centrally by the Government.

Case studies include a man who was admitted to hospital suffering with Meningitis. He also had Alzheimer's disease but despite concerns from the family, a number of disappearances and a pledge from staff that they would check on him every 15 minutes, he went missing. He was sadly found drowned 4 miles downstream from the hospital.

Another study involves a relative who was very concerned by the care provided during a stay in hospital. She was given numerous tests, without explanation and a DNR order was placed on her file without consultation.
The report highlights that far too many patients are being let down by the NHS every day. Many of the examples could amount to medical negligence claims and can lead to devastating consequences. It also hints that for every story heard there are others that go unnoticed.
Even the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, described NHS care as 'shocking' and 'tragic' in cases highlighted by the Patients Association in the recent report, and suggested a new Ofstead type rating system.
The accounts of neglect, demeaning and cruel behaviour sound far too familiar to our medical negligence solicitors in our Newcastle based office here at TLW Solicitors. We deal with medical negligence claims on a daily basis and recognise the true cost to the patient and family of poor care.

What it does not do is give us a true picture of what is happening across the health service. Most people do not experience any harm and have excellent care at the hands of true professionals. However, examples such as these highlighted tell us that, whilst much NHS care is excellent, 1 in 10 patients suffer avoidable medical accidents, 1 in 100 die from them and the cost to the health service of negligent mistakes is likely to be around £1bn over the next 10 years. All this suggests that there is a real problem here.

The Patient Association report may make emotive reading. More needs to be done to highlight the problems, but more solutions need to be discussed before the NHS fails.
If you have experienced any issues with care and treatment speak to TLW who can discuss the possibility of a medical negligence claim with you on a no obligation basis.


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