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Become a top performer with the help of Qu Wave USB harmonizers
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Ledgewood, NJ (prHWY.com) January 31, 2013 - Qu wave USB harmonizers lessens the EMF signals emitted by the laptops or the computers.

These days the usage of computers or the laptops has increased drastically in the recent times. Many individuals are getting addicted to use various electronic equipments to perform almost every day to day activity (both professional and personal).Thus they are able to compete better in this fast growing and competitive environment.

Because of the heavy usage of these electronic equipments, these equipments are generating Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) in and around the area where these equipments are located. The EMF waves generated by these electronic appliances like computer, laptop, LED/LCD/Plasma TV, dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and refrigerator cause certain mental and physical illnesses.

In an event to reduce and minimize the intensity of the EMF waves, these days harmonizers had been introduced in the market. One can be rest assured about the geared up energy, less depression and stress, feel happy and ready to take more challenges with the help of harmonizers. In a research it was found that, this harmonizer helps heal cuts, breaks or sore spots in a quicker way. In addition to that, one can also reduced their anxiety, tension and pressure.

Que wave USB harmonizer is one of those revelatory scalar wave quantum zero point generator. This can be plugged into any USB accepted device like laptop, computer, LED tv, satellite box, USB hub and so on.

Que wave USB harmonizer converts the connected electronic equipment which emits EMT E-smog into a healthy field generator. It generates the healthy field with the help of internal antenna which couples the energy field of the connected equipment. This technology produces a healing scalar field and Schumann resonance. Most importantly it will not interfere or damages the connected equipment. With all these benefits one can become a top performer in both personal and professional life.

QuWave PDC LLC is located at Box 349, Ledge Wood, NJ-07852, USA. Interested individuals can contact and order them on the 24 hour help line number 818-4-QUWAVE or 818-478-9283. In addition to that one can also send a personalized e-mail to them on info@QuWave.com or login to http://quwave.com/QuWave-USB-Harmonizer-Computer-&-TV-EMF-Protection.html or even fax them on 973-547-3343.

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Address: QuWave PDC LLC
Box 349, Ledge wood, NJ-USA
Phone Number: 818-4-QUWAVE
Fax Number: 973-547-3343
E-mail: info@QuWave.com


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