Scott Klososky & FPOVi Announce New Digital Marketing (Enterprise Social) Workshop April 15-16, 2013

Join international technology expert Scott Klososky with Future Point of View Institute for a two-day Digital Marketing boot camp-style workshop in Oklahoma City, April 15-16, 2013.
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Edmond, OK ( February 7, 2013 - The young field of social technologies (social media, social networking, & social relevance) is already showing great promise as a set of powerful digital marketing tools to support a holistic perspective on integration with existing business goals and objectives. Unfortunately, the reality is that most organizations aren't sure where to start and have little idea of the far-reaching impact or full breadth of resources available in the social toolbox. After all, it's only getting bigger every day, and there is far more to understanding social than manning a Facebook business page or Twitter account with "cute" social icons on your web site. So we ask, do YOU have the right tools and process strategies in place to join the social conversation, enhance your online presence, and outpace the technology race in your industry?

Stop waiting for the next big thing and get the 4-1-1 on the shift that's already happening right in front of you - join international technology speaker, author, and consultant Scott Klososky with Future Point of View Institute (FPOVi) as we bring together 15-25 varied professionals eager to learn how understanding social dynamics and trends with the right foundation strategies can position your career and organization to own the technology lead in your space.

This boot camp-style workshop event delivers the most comprehensive review of social dynamics, processes, and trends available today. Our promise is that everyone who attends will leave with more knowledge to drive a noticeable, measurable impact on their organization's bottom line and online marketing strategies over the next few years. This is a rare opportunity to meet others with the same responsibilities and aspirations of navigating the new frontier of social networking, social media, and social relevancy.

Program Benefits

* Experience a thought-leading global and historical context for why social technologies are exploding, including their role in today's organizations, and why leaders need to pay attention.

* Learn the 15 unique social dynamics that Web 2.0 has delivered to the world. This list can be used to design an organization's "go-forward" strategy

* Gain a clear understanding of the processes that can be used to implement social technologies.

* Achieve a crystal-clear vision for how social technologies can be used to further organizational strategies.

* Understand a clear picture of the future path social technologies are likely to take.

The content and pace at the workshop will be intensive, and registration will be kept to a minimum so we can devote more time to focusing on program content and your career and organization-centric questions. During the course of the workshop, you will receive many resources, including a USB digital binder of 12-step social technology tools, process documents, templates, and other content to take you deep into the integration process. After the event you will also receive a complete slide deck of the presentation.

Program Dates & Fees
* April 15-16, 2013 - Oklahoma City, OK
* $3,950 per participant
(Available discounts for multiple FPOVi course enrollment or if signing up additional participants from the same organization)

Private one-day workshops can be provided to companies or associations for groups up to 25 for $20,000 at the location of their choice (in the continental U.S.). One-and-a-half-day workshops can be booked for 25,000. International workshops are priced based on region.

For reservations, booking information, workshop agenda, and all hotel inquiries please contact:

Callie Ferguson -
Or (405) 359.3910

About Us:
Future Point of View (FPOV) Instituteis a technology strategy firm, and we help organizations learn how to have technology mastery. Technology mastery is defined as having an excellent ability to apply technology tools and concepts with a faster velocity than the competition. We do this through helping you to develop a winning technology strategy, coaching you on the processes and systems to execute the strategy, then educating your people in the various technology areas that are appropriate for each person. All along the way, we hold you accountable to make progress at a speed that you can manage without interrupting the business in negative ways. We break technology down into two categories: the digital plumbing (the infrastructure, software, and hardware) and digital marketing (the outreach to find new customers, and build tighter relationships with existing customers). When both of these areas are improved, you'll drive more revenue and lower costs while doing it.  This generates more profitability over time and leads to long-term stability. That is our ultimate goal for you: that you have technology mastery, and this translates to long-term prosperity.

For more information on Scott Klososky or his FPOV team, please refer to: or


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