There's Nothing Funny about Identity Theft

Cybercrime is now a common phenomenon; either you could become a victim or fight back by becoming more aware and utilizing the various tools available to safeguard your identity.
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Beaverton, OR ( February 12, 2013 - Beaverton, Oregon -- February, 12, 2013 - Perhaps you have already seen the movie "identity thief" in theaters this week. In the movie actor Jason Bateman becomes a victim to identity theft; his identity is stolen by Mellissa McCarthy's character in the movie. Deciding to take matters in his own hands - he goes on a mission to hunt down Mellissa McCarthy's character. When to two finally meet face to face, a physical conflict erupts.

On a more serious note, there's nothing funny about your identity being stolen. In most cases, you (the victim) can go to jail for financial crimes, since identity theft is nearly impossible to prove. Identity theft can also have life threatening consequences. In an actual case, one person became a victim of medical identity theft left, in which that person was unable to have his prescription filled needed to survive. Someone had access to his medical information, and thus began using his identity to fill their prescriptions drugs for free, according to Eva Velasquez, president and chief executive officer of the ITRC.

The thief was refilling a different drug, when mixed with the victims prescription drug -- can have fatal consequences. Therefore, the drug store's database showed that the victim had refilled drugs that cannot be taken with the drugs which the victim needed to survive. According to another expert, Ian Murphy, senior data security analyst of, an organization committed to raising awareness about information security and identity theft. Careless use of portable data storage mediums is fast becoming the leading cause of data theft. Murphy recommends that people should use these tiny devices with caution and install software engineered to password protect USB devices. There's an entire mafia behind identity theft according to most experts, your identity is sold and bought by highest bidders, the better your credit score, the more likely it's to be stolen.

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