Job and Esther Technologies has announced the immediate availability of Eqela version 1.2, introducing more than 250 new features, enhancements and updates to the Eqela software development platform.
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Helsinki, Finland ( February 27, 2013 - Job and Esther Technologies has announced the immediate availability of Eqela version 1.2, introducing more than 250 new features, enhancements and updates to the Eqela software development platform. Eqela enables software developers to write applications within a single codebase using the Eqela programming language, translating the source code to different programming languages targeting different platforms and thereby creating truly native applications on any platform. The new version now adds the newly released Blackberry 10 to the list of officially supported platforms, and greatly enhances the functionality, performance and ease of development on all supported platforms.

The development tools can be used on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and can be used to translate application code to execute on all popular operating systems, both in mobile and desktop environments, as well as on the web, targeting the HTML5 platform. The ability to convert source code to different programming languages is achieved through the Eqela compiler, specifically developed for this purpose by Job and Esther Technologies, and enhanced in many ways in the present release.

For those developers wanting to try out the tool prior to purchase, the company continues to make available a cloud-based development environment called Eqela Live. By using only a modern web browser, anyone can familiarize themselves with the Eqela platform by compiling, editing and customizing sample applications, or creating new ones through the web based IDE of Eqela Live. To further celebrate the introduction of Blackberry 10 support, Job and Esther Technologies has also made a special edition of the Eqela Live tool available as a native Blackberry 10 application, which is currently available for download on Blackberry World for Blackberry 10 users.

"We are extremely pleased to be able to introduce support for the Blackberry 10 platform in this release", says Markku Kero, CEO of Job and Esther Technologies. "We believe that it is good for the entire industry that new platforms can be introduced to the market so that the new innovations in them can continue to help drive the whole industry forward. We hope that Blackberry 10 will continue to be a successful platform."

The Eqela platform continues to be enhanced by Job and Esther Technologies. A next generation IDE environment for Eqela is currently being worked on for both online and offline environments, and the company plans to work heavily in introducing new kinds of user interface approaches through extended use of 3D technologies and advanced hardware acceleration features on various devices.

About Eqela

The Eqela software platform provides a way to develop software applications for multiple target systems using a single codebase. Eqela achieves this through source code translation technology that converts Eqela programs to other programming languages, and was developed for this purpose from scratch by Job and Esther Technologies. Due to its unique approach, Eqela applications are 100% native on any target platform, and can be compiled to work on any mobile device or desktop computer, as web applications, or in server environments, and due to the nature of the tool, are characteristically fast, memory efficient and compact. For more information about the Eqela platform, please visit

About Job and Esther Technologies

Job and Esther Technologies develops and markets software products for multiple types of devices, operating systems and platforms, and carries products that can translate applications and user experiences between the different kinds of devices. The company specializes in software development that requires the use and application of different computing platforms, and has developed extensive expertise in the development of cross platform systems that can be seamlessly deployed in many environments either on mobile, desktop or web environments. For more information about Job and Esther Technologies, please visit


For more information about the products and services of Job and Esther Technologies, please contact Shelly Kero at, or visit the company website at

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