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Tree removal might be necessary in some situations and you need to carry out the job properly. For these purposes Instant Shade Inc. provides it's team of certified arborists to carry out the job.
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Homer Glen, IL ( March 1, 2013 - Trees are necessary for the delicate balance of the surrounding ecosystem and contribute greatly to keeping the environment healthy. They balance the oxygen in the air and regulate proper rainfall over regions and hold the soil together to prevent landslides and prevent soil erosion. All this apart from adding beauty to the landscape.

However sometimes there are times when we need tree removal. Causes can be:

* To prevent diseases to spread to other trees.
* To provide safety to the public
* To allow growth of other younger trees
* Areas where height restrictions are considered
* To prevent the destruction of property.

The process of tree removal is a very complicated process and needs trained eyes to see whether damage will be caused or not and whether any municipal by-laws are being violated or not. A tree is not always removed due to a hazard and sometimes it needs to be removed for the benefit of the surrounding areas. This is why it needs to be done properly.

At Instant Shade, we know that each tree is as unique and specific as the business, school, church or home that houses it. You deserve specialized treatment and so does your new tree or grounds. We remove, transport and transplant big trees with the utmost care, ensuring root preservation and a fertile environment for the new tree. After your tree has been transplanted, we'll help you keep it strong and healthy as it acclimates to the new environment. We can replace decaying or dying trees with new ones or move your tree from one location to another. Our experts have two decades of experience in the care and transplanting of big trees and tailor each transplant to the needs and health of that specific large tree. We work with local nurseries within a 100-mile radius to find your new tree.

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