Virginia Sign-Maker Kerley Signs, Inc. Promotes Power-Saving LED Signs

Kerley Signs discusses the history and advantages of LEDs and outdoor LED signs.
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Landover, MD ( March 2, 2013 - Landover, MD ( prhwy ) March 2, 2013 - Virginia sign maker Kerley Signs, Inc has a long history of creating lit signs for establishments and businesses. While most electric signs have traditionally been neon-based, LED signs have recently become very popular with customers that need a dynamic and effective way to communicate with visitors and passersby.

LEDs - light-emitting diodes - are not a new technology by any means. They were invented back in 1927, although it wasn't until the late 60s when they gained ground as a commercial product. They were - and still are - commonly used to make power lights, indicator lights and other low-power lighting applications where their small size, long service life and tough construction made them much better choices than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

LEDs were one of the first technologies that allowed the creation of digital displays, gaining great popularity in devices such as calculators and clocks. This lasted until the past couple of decades, when they were superseded in these applications by newly-available cheap liquid-crystal displays.

However, the life cycle of the LED is far from over, and recent years have seen new uses of LEDs. The power efficiency and light output of LEDs continues to rise; in 2006, the first white LED was finally developed, which opened up a vast new application space for these devices, as evidenced by the popularity of LED flashlights.

While LEDs don't downscale enough at the moment to allow their use as pixels in televisions and computer displays, they have long been used that way in devices that allow for very coarse resolutions but demand lighting elements which are reasonably-priced, very durable and bright enough to be seen in daylight, i.e. outdoor LED signs.

The specifications for LED signs mean that the rugged and bright light-emitting diode is the ideal solution for monochrome and color marquees, signs and tableaux that need to display text or images. The advantage of LEDs as opposed to neon signs is stark: the former can not only be used to display customized messages, but it also uses from 6 to 10 times less power than neon. They're also typically thinner and lighter. Naturally, an LED sign doesn't make for quite as stylish a logo, but when it comes to communicating with customers or visitors, they are still the industry standard. If anyone doubts the huge commercial presence of LED signs, an evening visit to Times Square should be enough to dispel their illusions.

Customizable, programmable, power-saving and colorful: any business or establishment that wants to be visible and fun should consider investing in an outdoor LED sign, and is your gateway to meeting the optimum of performance and price.

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