"'Sleepphones' Saved my Marriage!" Says Desperate Wife

"These Sleepphones saved my marriage. I had been assaulted by the onslaught of my husband's snoring for the last 15 years", said Ms Robertson.
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Laurel, MD (prHWY.com) March 3, 2013 - "These Sleepphones saved my marriage. I had been assaulted by the onslaught of my husband's snoring for the last 15 years", said Ms Robertson. "Every night was a cacophony of snoring, kicking (me, kicking him) thrown pillows, yelling, me burying my head under pillows and so on all to the accompaniment of what sounded like a freight train - in the morning the bed looked like a battle zone, which I guess it was. Just recently, having reached the end of my tether, I kicked him out to another bedroom (well, he agreed to go) just so I could get some sleep".

Ms Robertson said to be fair that her hubby had tried very hard to fix the problem: he lost some weight, he had tried the sprays, the pills, the mouth guards, the nasal strips and so on. "You name it he (we) have tried it...all to no avail" she said.

After having recently read that hypnosis could help with this problem (and marriage counselling too, to save the marriage?) the Robertsons went to see a local psychologist/hypnotist and in the course of their first session the psychologist informed them that hypnosis had a mixed track record in treating snoring, but in the meantime to give them some immediate relief and allow a truce to be called - hubby could come back to the marital bed - the therapist mentioned something called "Sleepphones".

Sleepphone's look like a luxurious sweat band with a cord coming out of the back of it - that is the cord that plugs into your sound source. Embedded into each side of this band is a speaker... a flat speaker... Ms Robertson said that she had tried to sleep with those "ear bud" head phones jammed into her ears with music designed to dull the roar from the body next to her, but all they did was dig in and hurt when she lay on her side and always seemed to come out, rendering the whole exercise useless.

"But with Sleepphones, nicknamed "pyjamas for your ears", they stay on," she said, "And I can sleep in any position, listen to the wonderful sounds of violins or waterfalls or the forest, or even my latest talking book, whatever I like.... and here's the best part, I sleep!!! They, the Sleepphones, saved my marriage, quite literally".

It appears Sleepphones have provided excellent results for their users. To find out more about "Sleepphones" just go to http://www.tinyurl.com/bjv6m7r and see for yourself what they can do for you. Maybe they will save your marriage too, or at least give you a good night's sleep!


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