Purdue Cricket Player Zaeem Mahmood Scores 53 Runs in One Match

In a recent Saints v Trojans match, batsman Zaeem Mahmood scored 53 runs for his team.
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Chicago, IL (prHWY.com) March 4, 2013 - Zaeem Mahmood is pleased to announce that in the recent Saints v Trojan match, he earned a total of 53 runs for his team. This places him at the top of the rankings in terms of total runs scored in the season.

"I had a truly excellent match," said Zaeem Mahmood. "I've always prided myself on being a good batsman, but my performance in the Saints v Trojans match was definitely the highlight of my cricket career, for sure."

Although the Saints went on to win the match, Trojan Zaeem Mahmood was easily the high point of the match, even as his team failed to clinch the victory. Coming up in his first innings, Zaeem Mahmood stepped up to the wicket and blew the Saints' bowler away with a six off the first swing. After that, Zaeem Mahmood continued to wow teammates, opponents, and spectators alike with consistently incredible hits. The Trojans ended the match with 95 points, conceding to the Saints, but over half of those points were batted in by Zaeem Mahmood himself.

"I was really disappointed to have lost, since the week prior to the match we had had a really spectacular victory over the Spartans and were feeling very confident," remarked Zaeem Mahmood. "Unfortunately for us, our bowling was a little off against the Saints, and their batting was, as a whole, more competitive than ours. But, that being said, I am still very happy with my performance in the match."

Zaeem Mahmood has had his eye on the Best Batsman ranking since he first entered the Purdue Cricket League as a young student, and it looks like this will certainly be his year even though the Trojans have been knocked out of the competition. The second highest scorer this year, Sachin Pahuja, trails Zaeem Mahmood by over forty points, and was a member of the team ousted from the competition by the Trojans before Zaeem Mahmood's stellar match.

"Practice has obviously paid off for me, and I hope to bring this momentum with me into the next round of matches that I compete in," commented Zaeem Mahmood.

When he's not playing cricket, Zaeem Mahmood also enjoys badminton and squash.


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