Students Can Save By Renting College Textbooks

What a fantastic idea! Students can pay a fraction of the price by renting college textbooks instead of buying.
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New York City, NY ( July 23, 2010 - Young, ambitious, smart and innovative - the founder of has made a splash since leaving college. Like most college students today, he had the all too common experience of feeling like he was over-paying for his textbooks. But unlike most college students today, he decided to do something about it. Rather than wondering why this niche market was demanding sky-high prices from customers with almost no disposable income, Alan Martin saw an opportunity. As a customer of the college textbook industry himself, he had an intimate understanding of the pain felt by college students as they handed over their remaining cash for their books. But as a business minded student who understood the way markets function, he realized that the inflated prices of the textbooks were symptomatic of an inefficient market, and that inefficient markets are usually ripe for innovation.

His idea for textbook innovation was to empower students by creating a market for renting textbooks. Leveraging the internet as the perfect medium for the new business, his timing was perfect, and the idea was exactly what the market wanted. was launched in 2007, and was one of the founding companies in the industry. Since that time a new industry has been born that saves students money on their textbooks. The industry has seen exceptional growth since 2007, and the average college students mindset has shifted from one of purchasing books, to one of renting them. And for good reason. Renting textbooks instead of buying them can save a students as much as 90% on their total bill. And given that most textbooks cost over $100 a piece, 90% translates into huge savings - not to mention a completely new way of doing things.

And as if saving a lot of money weren't incentive enough, renting textbooks also comes with the added benefit of simply sending them back at the end of the semester. Most students will admit that once the semester is over, the average textbook rarely (if ever) gets cracked again. And just like the previous semester, they're now saddled with getting rid of another group of brand new, over sized, over priced books. Renting textbooks allows students to avoid the hassle altogether by simply sending them back when they're finished. All things considered, renting textbooks is an idea whose time has come.

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Campus Book Rentals
2869 Commerce Way
Ogden, UT 84401
Tel (Toll Free): 1-800-545-99

About Campusbookrentals.Com: is an online textbook rental service catering to the needs of students on over 5200 college campuses across the country, and has served customers at most major universities in US. They provide rented textbooks to students at steeply discounted prices helping students save up to 90% on their books. is a accredited business and is a licensee of TRUSTe web privacy seal program. has a strong commitment to customer service and contributes a portion of rental proceeds to humanitarian projects each year.


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