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To save the battery charge the best advice to conserve the battery life is you have to turn off your electronics item when you are not in use.
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Chennai, India ( March 7, 2013 - After a long period of time, you searching a couple of batteries suddenly you are looking for in your house your cameras, wall clock, old walkmans or any other transportable devices, at last you get a battery, but probably it was dead. Here, some tips how to retrieve from this issue and how to make your batteries last longer.

To save the battery charge the best advice to conserve the battery life is you have to turn off your electronics item when you are not in use. This is the standard advice for extended lifetime of your appliances. One more suggestion is that drains your batteries.

1. Remove the vibration mode in Mobile phones
For instance your cell phones will longer ringtone with a mode of vibration it must lose your battery charge. The mobile vibration setting takes significantly more battery power to accomplish.

2. Turn off your flashlights in Camera
If you must necessitate the flashlight in your camera, then only you can activate these settings otherwise you'll sign it off.

3. Avoid supplementary uses in Video Camera
On your video camera avoid the further uses like "playback" waiting for get to an outlet and you'll use the electricity from the wall.

Li ion (Lithium-ion) battery equipment:

If possible you can use a nickel metal hydride batteries or rechargeable batteries. Compare to the single use battery these batteries have a larger capacity to store the energy. You must charge the battery let them totally drain. Batteries have an energetic memory. If you recharge it when the battery is not fully empty, it will set up to feel as if that is the lowly or base amount of energy automatically it will keep before stopping their function.

Store your batteries next to chill place, alkaline batteries will last 5percent longer by placing them in the freezer. But it must be warmed up before the use to room temperature. It may be very effectual to freeze NiMH and NiCad batteries frequently used for things like cameras or other electronic devices. If battery inactive at the room temperature it will keep their charge only for few a days. However if you store them within the deep freezer they will retain 90 percent of their power.

About Camelion Rechargeable batteries

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