Sharepoint Hosted Solution for $1 by EMEA Managed Services Provider i-Technosoft Corporation

i-Technosoft Corporation extends its Services to Hosted Application Solutions and have started their marketing campaign by a One Time Signup Offer on Windows Sharepoint at $1.99 per user, the cheapest price online for Microsoft Windows SharePoint.
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London, United Kingdom ( July 26, 2010 - Wimbledon, London - 26 July 2010. i-Technosoft enters a niche market selling Hosted Microsoft SharePoint Services in EMEA. The objective is to assist SME's to centralise, automate their processes and enable them to access business information anywhere, anytime thereby reducing paper, travel, hardware and licensing costs further enabling businesses to comply to 'Go-Green' Standards.

Many SME's have been started to see the advantages of hosted applications such as Microsoft's Windows SharePoint Services. Windows SharePoint Services enables businesses to consolidate their core documents, forms, work processes on a web based platform thereby eliminating a need for additional applications to be installed. Moreover, SharePoint offers comprehensive collaboration with team members enabling them to maintain records, infopath forms, electronic document versions that assists users to pull any given record in time. Small Business owners currently face a great challenge in managing, organising and accessing their data when required from any given location. This is virtually impossible for them as the costs of implementing such a solution and hosting it locally are very high especially in the Middle East.

What do SharePoint Services offer?
Centralised Document Libraries: Repositories for the users to store documents such as Office, Adobe PDF, HTML etc that a business may require to work and share effectively. This eliminates the need for Shared Drives and Files in Windows

Collaboration and Meetings: Shared Calendars in Windows SharePoint Services can assist employees in an organisation to manage their events, meetings on a daily basis. The calendar and to-do tasks can then be synchronised to Microsoft Outlook to enable individual alerting and offline availability.
Announcements: Corporate/Divisional announcements can now be viewed by employees on each section accordingly. This helps the information to pass through all or appropriate individuals everytime there is an update without having to send memos and emails.

RSS Feeds: You can now send out important business related news feeds from various sites like CNN, Bloomberg etc that support RSS Feeds and broadcast the message to your users on SharePoint.

Business Process Management: SharePoint can automate your business process workflows and enhance approval and signature processes. Microsoft SharePoint Server Enterprise Workflows can be further customised to manage entire processes such from creation, approval, notification, management of forms and email. iOffice CRM and ERP solution handles these mechanisms in the modular product offered by i-Technosoft.

SharePoint bring various advantages for CEO's and CIO's in providing better control over the business and its users as well as helping organisations achieve "Green" compliance. Cost and quicker return on investment become very important factors in assisting "C" Level executives to make a quick decision on Hosted Services.

Some of the cost benefits Hosted SharePoint Services bring to the SME's are:
a. Immediate Deployment and Availability
b. Access to Business Documents Anytime, Anywhere
c. Ability to scale up or down as required with no risk or heavy costs
d. No additional Server hardware purchases
e. No Software Purchase or Licensing Costs
f. No Dedicated Leased Line Costs
g. No Dedicated SLA/Support Team Required to manage and support the infrastructure
h. No Customisation required for basic SharePoint Services
i. Appropriate Access Control, Users can only see what they are allowed to

Commenting on the new Managed Services Division for SharePoint, Mr. Mehdi Rashid, Chief Technology Officer at i-Technosoft said "We intend to extend our sign-up offer to help small businesses take advantage of this brilliant Microsoft product" He added "i-Technosoft as a Company took this initiative in 2007 and our complete business including the front end website is SharePoint driven. We have reduced our costs drastically with SharePoint implementation by enabling our employees to operate from virtually anywhere across the globe. i-Technosoft is now able to assist and service its customers more effectively"

Press and Media Contact: Rachelle Martinez
i-Technosoft Corporation UK Limited


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Press Release Contact
Press and Media Contact: Rachelle Martinez
i-Technosoft Corporation UK Limited
81 Seddon Road, Morden, Surrey
London, United Kingdom

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