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Las Vegas, NV ( July 26, 2010 - LAS VEGAS BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY $750.00 (702) 220-4LAW

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As you can imagine, every case is unique and without a consultation we can't make any representations as to your specific circumstances. The information contained above is general and will vary but we can help you every step of the way. Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney Karl Andersen is not only an attorney with years of experience, he is a family man, a down to earth person who is committed to the well being of his clients. He and his whole firm are dedicated to providing relief to everyone who has been effected by this economy.

Millions of good people who have had perfect credit, often for decades, now find themselves in unfamiliar territory. People who have never been late on a bill, who are embarrassed that they can't pay their bills, who have lost their home, lost their jobs, lost thousands or even hundreds of thousands in the stock market, need a compassionate, competent, affordable attorney who can help them not only survive, but start over. If you are so worried you can't sleep, if you don't know where to turn, if you have been quoted thousands of dollars to file, give us a call and let us tell you how easy it is for you to have a new beginning.

A bankruptcy in Las Vegas is easy to accomplish and we have a system that is confidential and allows you to fill out the necessary information online, at your convenience. Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney, whether you are filing Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or need a free consultation, has never be easier. Going broke is never easy, yet affordable bankruptcy filing is easier still.

Call 702-220-4LAW, that's 702-220-4529 today and get a good nights sleep. We can help you get your life back. Every case is unique, but we can help in your specific circumstances so you can begin again free from worry, free from stress, free from dispair. Every case is different but our fees start at only $750 plus filing costs for simple bankruptcy in Las Vegas. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service. Remember, a Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney Karl Anderson, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can give you your life back. People choose Bankruptcy in Las Vegas as a way to end the worry and torment this economy has caused in their lives. People just like you, good people, many who had perfect credit before are going bankrupt. Bankruptcy was originally established to provide a new beginning, a way to start over, to begin again. If you are being called by bill collectors constantly, or you've talked to others about going bankrupt and you live in Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson, Boulder City, Summerlin, Anthem, North Las Vegas or Parhump, we can easiy assist you to clear up your debts. The call is free and so is the advise. Call today and sleep better tonight.

Banruptcy in Las Vegas, whether a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing a Chapter 13 or any other type of Las Vegas Bankruptcy at our law Bankruptcy firm we provide affordable Bankruptcy. For Low Cost Bankruptcy, a Bankruptcy Attorney who cares, an Attorney for Bankruptcy who will keep everything confidential, call us today.


Owe thousands on credit cards? GONE!

Owe thousands on medical bills? GONE!

Bill collectors calling day & night? GONE!

Owe business debts you can't pay? GONE!

Lost your home, got a 1099 for thousands? GONE!

Credit cards gone but got a 1099 for $1,000's? GONE!

Will you lose your home? ALMOST NEVER!

Can I keep my car, it's almost paid off? ALMOST ALWAYS!

Can I keep my wife's car? ALMOST ALWAYS!

Can I keep my furniture? ABSOLUTELY!

I made almost $60,000 is Chapter 7 possible? PROBABLY!


1. Stop worrying, start living! IT'S EASY!

2. File a Las Vegas Bankruptcy & START OVER!

3. Perfect credit rating gone? GET IT BACK!

4. Bankruptcy means your a failure! WRONG!

5. The economic down turn is NOT YOUR FAULT!

6. You want to honor your obligations! THAT'S NOBLE!

7. Your family comes first! GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK!

8. We understand, we're here to help! IT'S OK, WE'LL HELP!

9. Don't have good records? IT'S EASY TO FILE!

10. You can't get credit! Begin again! A FRESH START!

11. You've been told it costs thousands to file! NOT WITH US!

12. Call for a confidential meeting! FREE CONSULTATION!

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