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Will your web site be for personal use (just show some photographs to your family members, for example)? Will it be to advertise a business service?
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Hampshire, NH ( March 17, 2013 - Hampshire, Mar 17, 2013 - Will your web site be for personal use (just show some photographs to your family members, for example)? Will it be to advertise a business service? Will it be an informational web site, simply to pass on knowledge to the visitor? Will it be used to sell a product? Is it important that you show up #1 in Search Engines?

These are vital questions with which to begin. The answers you come up with will determine the direction in which the overall design should go.

Almost all web sites have a Home page, a Contact Us page and a Links page. However, after that, you have to determine what you want features to emphasize about your business. Is it important that visitors know some history about your company? If so, you will need an "About Us" page. Do you have categories of product that you want to feature on your web site? If so, each category will have its own page. Do you want visitors to be able to fill out an order form when they are ready to buy something? If that is the case, you will need an "Order Form" page.

DO you have an understanding of the Code Languages used to create your web site. Some of these languages may include:


If you are comfortable with these languages, your web design company can probably setup the web site to allow you to maintain it yourself. However, most companies will not support sites in which the client has made changes to the original code. Make sure to discuss this during your initial consultation.

Website Design Chichester - Some companies will create Content Management Systems (CMS). These allow their clients to update the website without having to touch the original code. With a custom CMS, if you can create a document in a Word Processing program, you can change your website content. This means you do not have to learn any programming languages and, at the same time, you do not have to call your web design company every time you want to update your site. Of course, the company you choose should always be available to assist if you get stuck. They should also be willing to e-mail you a link to show a demonstration of their custom CMS.

Many years ago I worked for the largest Yacht Broker website online, creating websites for some of the biggest names in the Yacht and Sailing industry, my position was to design, develop and create the whole website platform from start through to finish. Around 6 years ago I decided to setup on my own and now work with my clients on a long term basis to not only design and develop websites but to help them establish an online precense and branding.

It is all very well paying for some of the cheaper website design services online, however what you will generally find is that you receive a template website with little understanding of your business or needs online. My service is very different, I offer a full consultation service so that I can understand your business and create something that is going to last you years instead of months.

My office hours are to suit, if it is 5:35 and you are desperate to discuss something then call me on the mobile, I do not shut my doors at 5:30pm and ignore calls. Evenings, weekends or most time of the day I am either available by phone or at the very least email.

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Website Design Chichester - I am a freelance website designer and developer, working with clients from Portsmouth, Chichester, Southampton and other locations in Hampshire to create a fantastic website design and prescence

My name is Mark Fox, I am a website designer and developer offering website design services to create beautiful, attractive, modern websites that will promote your business or service online and stand out from the crowd of poor website design online to catch the eye of all your visitors.

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Havant, Hampshire - UK

+44(0)7739 794 098


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