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Making money as a college student has never been an easy task. Where should I work? Is the pay minimal wage? How many hours can I work? Is the manager bearable?
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Oklahoma, OK ( March 18, 2013 - Making money as a college student has never been an easy task. Where should I work? Is the pay minimal wage? How many hours can I work? Is the manager bearable? These questions are not exclusive to college students seeking part time work but do pose a different challenge for the full time student. The idea of making your own hours and determining your own hourly rate is a foreign concept to the average student, to say the least.

Class from nine to four, three days a week and ten to six the other two days. Weekends consist of studying for those classes, possibly going to the game and/or a movie with some friends. When does one find the time to make the needed gas money? The ideal job for almost any college student is one of great flexibility and gives the student the ability to decide when and for how long he or she will work.

'Be your own boss', this phrase is not a fantasy anymore. College going students can actually start making money, doing various tasks for people in the time frame of their chosing.

Have a look at the 5 best possible ways to make money while in school.

Opportunities over the Internet:
There are many opportunities available online which can help generate income such as online marketing. All you need is computer access and you can get started.

This is one of the most common jobs that college students think about when making money comes in mind. This job requires thorough knowledge of the material and the ability to teach it.

General Labor:
There will always be a need for a hard worker or two to help with a move, the yard work, or any other type of general work to be done around the house. This market has been filled with a large number of somewhat of an unreliable workforce. The hardworking college student will prove to be the perfect solution. This job typically requires the ability to lift heavy objects and basic labor knowledge.

Web designing:
Web designing is another popular internet business which requires minimal time and once you know how to design a website you can definitely attract many online projects. One of the great things about this is its ability to be done from anywhere and any time of the day. This job definitely requires an advanced knowledge and expertise of the industry. A portfolio and references are highly recommended.

Whether it's senior pictures, engagement photos, event photos or any other type, there is a constant need for a professional quality photographer. This is a common hobby among college students and if you already have a good camera and the software to edit your photos, why not make extra money doing what you already enjoy? This work requires your own equipment and an advanced understanding of various photography skills.

There are many opportunities available that can get you started and you can not only generate an income to support yourself but also save money for future plans. Discipline, willingness to work and sincere efforts are necessary to excel in any of these jobs. The trend of self-employment is becoming more popular among all ages. Mystudentlis believes this will make a positive impact on the lives of busy college students all over.

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