Choosing a Wichita Window Replacement

Before hiring any window replacement company make sure to choose the best window material or type that suits the home.
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Wichita, KS ( March 20, 2013 - Installing replacement windows is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. There are various types of Wichita window replacement companies are available on the market. However before choosing any windows it is important to know the types of windows available and best. Aluminum and vinyl parts are often used in wood windows, where their special properties afford an advantage: Vinyl jamb liners can prevent movable sash from sticking, and exterior wood parts are clad in aluminum or vinyl, which will rarely require renewal if regularly cleaned with soap and water. Cleaning is easier with a removable sash or a tilt- in sash that swings out of the jamb into the room so one can clean both sides of the glass from inside the home. They keep summer heat out and winter warmth in, but they may not pay for themselves for a long time.

The windows framework and sash should be sturdy and have built-in weather stripping wherever movable parts meet and where the frame joins the wall opening. Improved weather stripping may be one of the most important advantages of replacing windows. According to a window industry standard, air infiltration through a closed and locked window sash (excluding that between the window frame and surrounding wall) should not exceed 0.5 cubic feet of air per minute per linear foot of sash when tested at a static air pressure of 1.56 pounds per square foot (equivalent to 25-mph wind velocity). Many top- quality replacement windows far surpass this standard. Selecting double-glazed replacement windows can reduce conducted heat loss through the glass area of the window by half, compared with single glazing without storm windows. There are two types of double glazing. In one, two panes are set in a glazing sealant to form an insulating air pocket between them. In the other, the panes are fused together at the edges when they are made.

The use of storm windows with any kind of window creates yet another insulating air pocket. Top-quality re-placement windows of insulated glass are designed to accommodate the manufacturer's storm panes within the overall framework of the replacement unit. A double-glazed sash (or single-glazed sash plus an exterior storm pane) should also prevent the condensation that can form on glass windowpanes when the humidity level in the home is below the normal 30% to 40% level. In places where shutting summer heat out of air-conditioned homes is a major concern, tinted or reflective glass in the regular sash or in storm panes is worth consideration, especially for windows that get direct sunlight. Hire a Wichita window replacement professional who provides services at reasonable rates.


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