Prankplace Adds Whoopee Cushion to their List of Outrageous Pranks

Popular online store for some of the most outrageous pranks and gag gifts adds more whacky items to their collections.
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Vancouver, WA, WA ( March 20, 2013 - Prankplace is undoubtedly the most popular online store for the most weirdest and outlandish pranks and gag gifts. They boast of having the largest collection of funny novelties, gifts, and pranks under one roof. Their unique collection is in demand all round the year among children, office goers, and even the elderly. Prankplace has a gag gift for all ages. The whoopee cushion is a new addition to their growing list of hot gifts.

The most popular gag gifts on offer at Prankplace includes bachelor and bachelorette party gags, birthday party gags, crazy Christmas gifts, funny money, silly gift certificates, Halloween gifts, golfer's gags, mother's day gifts, and even Obama gags.

If bacon is the favorite food of your friends and colleagues, the bacon gags available on Prankplace are guaranteed to spread the fun. You can order bacon flavored gumballs, jelly beans, and even lollipops. Prankplace makes it even more outrageous with bacon cake frosting and even a bacon air freshener.

If you are looking for something more outrageous and outlandish, you can order the time delaying farting whoopee cushion. It is an age old trick but Prankplace has refined the gag to add more fun. This cushion is designed to be completely undetectable. It has an electronic element to it which allow you to set it for 20, 80 or 120 seconds. It emits five hilarious varieties of fart sounds which will have your friends running for cover.

The remote control fart machine is a new gag which comes with guaranteed shock value. The machine comes with the 'Boom Box' technology which allows more vibrant and natural sounding farts. You simply have to place the little speaker in a discreet place and press the remote which can work even from 100 feet away to get one of the 15 most natural and disgusting fart sounds. The suggested places for the speaker include under your co-worker's seat, especially when they have visitors or someone in their office. The machine is also a great way to embarrass your boss, friends, and family. It is clearly one of the fastest moving gags on Prankplace.

The stink bomb is another absolutely zany gag from Prankplace. Available in a pack of 3 and 12 bombs, it lets out one of the nastiest stinks known to man. It is a guaranteed way to drive away crowds and unwanted visitors. It is also a trick you can use to quickly get ahead of the crowd in a long line at the movies or in a food store. The horrible stink will make the crowd disappear in a jiffy.

Members can save up to 10 per cent on all items including whoopee cushion and other premium pranks and also avail of VIP perks and fast and free shipping by joining the VVIP membership program for only $4.99. As a member, you can get VIP exclusives by box inserts, phone, and email on all sale and clearance emails, promotional offers and web specials, and advance notice on product previews and reviews.

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