Applied Speciation Offers Services for Selenium Analysis

The company uses state of the art technology and also employs a team of well trained experts who know exactly what to do at the right time.
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Parkway Bothell, WA ( March 20, 2013 - Applied Speciation is a company that has been putting in active participation in detecting selenium. The company started out in the year 2004 and was the brainchild of Russel Gerads and Dr Gurleyuk. The company gives valuable services to various industries all over America. The company then shifted its operations to Bothell to expand the volume of its operations.

Of late the company has conducted extensive research to reveal that Selenium is turning out to be a big pollutant in U.S.A and this poses as a threat to the aquatic life. Operations in the mining industries have come under extensive regulations when it comes to selenium discharges. The species of selenium differs greatly in different environments so a selenium analysis is carried out to determine the difference between the species. When the lower concentrations were analysed the company found that Selenium acts as a nutrient that sustains life. It was also observed that at a higher concentration Selenium is transformed into a carcinogen that has a a negative impact on health.
There are various methods that are applied for Selenium Speciation Analysis. The company uses anion chromatography combined with the power of detection of MS for Selenium analysis. A dynamic reaction cell can be used to eliminate any signal from the gas components allowing them to reach detection level which is around 10 ppt. Elemental Selenium can be mobilized by applying cyanide and selenate is one of the specie that emerges from the process. Similarly like arsenic various analytical models for separation are applied for Selenium Speciation; this is done to increase the level of detection and to remove interferences.

About the Company: The company uses state of the art technology and also employs a team of well trained experts who know exactly what to do at the right time. The company will be hosting a special presentation for the general public and the press in Washington DC. The presentation will highlight some of the newer methods that the company is incorporating in their operations.

If you would like to get in touch with the company to enquire about selenium analysis then you can contact.


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