Life after Death Video series by Don K Preston: The truth unfolds now

Another way of seeing the Biblical interpretations of life after death in Preston's videos
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Ardmore, OK ( March 21, 2013 - Life after death is something clad in eternal mystery since time immemorial and different religions have tried to interpret it in their own ways. Since 'Death' is the most inevitable occurrence every mortal being is to encounter some day or the other every thoughtful man would naturally want to know what happens when we die . The questions related to life after death that often unsettles the human mind could be of many; For example a man who keeps pondering too much about life after death may assume death to be a total end of human existence or he may also have the query whether he is going to rise after death to face judgment according to his actions and either go to hell for getting punished or heaven for getting rewarded eternally. It can however be said that some light was indeed shed on this unsolved mystery; i.e. Life after death with the Birth of Jesus Christ and miraculous events like His resurrection following the third day after crucifixion.

Don K Preston (D. Div) who is a highly intellectual and able author and creative video producer and is the president of the Preterist Research Institute, Ardmore (Oklahama) have developed a YouTube Video series through which he tries to explore man's destiny and this highly mystical mystery of life after death that has been intriguing generations of wise men and philosophers putting them literally at their wit's end down the millennia. In his personal website Don K Preston talks about this video series and invites people to Subscribe to his video series to get instantly an absolutely Free Criswell Bible College Presentation Audio CD based on Millennium life after death question.

Preston is an author who himself had a great affinity for this particular theme or question whatever; i.e. life after death. He continually studied various literatures and Biblical scriptures based on eschatology to increase his depth and vastness of knowledge before coming up with this video series. This is because only by knowing what has been foretold some light could be casted on life after death in a way that the contemporary audience would easily accept.

Hardcore Christians have faith in the Lord. They believe in all the eschatological prophecies related to the Second Coming or Return of Christ to the world to rescue mankind from the shackles of sin and corruption. Apart from the YouTube Video Series, some of the acclaimed books by Preston like Wedding of the King of Kings, We Shall Meet Him In The Air explore with much greater depth the themes like Death of Adam, resurrection and resurrection timing. To get Preston's video series interested people will have to visit the page

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Don K. Preston (D. Div.)
Preterist Research Institute
1405 4th Ave. N. W. #109
Ardmore, Ok. 73401


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