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There are various types of dentists are available in the city and each specialists are specialized in treating various types of dental problems.
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Madison, WI (prHWY.com) March 22, 2013 - Dentistry today consists of nine recognized specialties. The primary care providers are general dentists and pediatric dentists. Some general madison dentist or experts identify themselves as family dentists to show the public that they provide a Rill range of services to all individuals and are trained to provide most of the services their patients will need. The specialties recognized by the American Dental Association all have specific education standards beyond the required four years of dental school needed to qualify for a dental license. These specialties are periodontics, diseases and treatment of the gums and supporting structures; endodontics, diseases and treatment of the dental pulp (nerve); prosthetics, or fabrication of artificial tooth replacements; oral and maxillofacial surgery, surgical procedures of the jaws, mouth and teeth; orthodontics, alignment of the teeth and correction of jaw growth problems; oral pathology, the diagnosis of cellular abnormalities and diseases; oral radiology (the newest dental specialty); dental public health and pediatric dentistry, the special needs of children.

Pediatric dentistry is unique in that it is an age defined specialty rather than a discipline defined specialty. Pediatric dentists not only treat children with special needs, such as behavioral problems and physical and mental challenges, but are also considered primary care providers by the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. Pediatric dentists thus occupy a special niche within the profession in that they have primary care responsibilities at the same time as providing specialty care upon referral from another dental practitioner. This is analogous to the pediatrician in medical practice.

There are several areas of modern dental practice that have not been recognized by the ADA as specialties, but are clinically unique and many dentists either limit their practice to these areas or maintain a special interest. Examples are dental implantology, i.e., placing artificial teeth directly into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth; maxillo-facial prosthetics, the fabrication of artificial facial structures that replace those lost to trauma or diseases such as cancer; dental anesthesiology and treatment of disturbances of the tempero-mandibular joint. The tempero-mandibular joint, often abbreviated TMJ, is where the lower jaw hinges to the base of the skull near the ear canal. If the cartilage in the joint is diseased or out of place, pain can result with limitations of jaw movement, difficulty in eating and severe headaches. A Madison dentist could provide various dental treatments for various dental problems.


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