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There are many areas that an electrician specializes after getting qualified and gaining experience.
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Santa Clara, SC ( March 24, 2013 - People who repair and install the electrical wiring system are basically called electricians. There are different types of electricians in the field of electrical engineering. Each type of electricians performs different type of jobs. San Jose electricians have different type of electricians catering to the need of various sectors.

There are different type of electricians namely, industrial electricians, commercial electricians and domestic electricians. Industrial electricians are the people who are responsible for repairing and installing electrical equipments in places like factories and plants. Most of the electricians of this category do free lance work whereas few others work with particular electrical services company. These types of electricians are knowledgeable in robotics and electric equipment. They have the knowledge in repairing and maintaining electrically operated equipments. The other category of electricians are commercial electricians, who are professionals who take care of infrastructures related to trade and commerce and that also in small, medium and large scale facilities. This type of electricians are hired to repair and install electrical equipments in establishments like school, hospital, shopping malls and other office buildings. Domestic electricians are other category of electricians who are the most common type of electricians. Domestic electricians are responsible for repairing and setting up of wiring systems and cables inside the house. They are also able to upgrade the wires and breaker panels on the house. A construction electrician is a person who is trained to install and design the entire electrical system of an area. They usually work with engineers, architects and other people who are engaged in the construction of house and also they are experts who set up the wiring system of the entire building. Linesmen are electricians who specialize in power distribution and they are able to trouble shoot phone lines, power lines, and cable TV and internet connections.

San Jose electricians also have maintenance electricians who have knowledge of modern electrical systems and also ensure that they run and perform safely, effectively and efficiently. There are also installation electricians who are responsible for installing electrical systems that can have variety of uses like lighting, cabling, power, security etc. Automotive electricians are other type of electrician who works on vehicles such as car and trucks. Most of the vehicles are having complicated electronic systems so electricians having thorough knowledge are very much required for undertaking the work. There are also instrumentation electrician who maintains, fix and tests environmental control systems like air conditioner, heater etc.


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