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The most unique dental specialist is the pediatric dentist, who actually functions as both a referral specialist and as a primary care provider.
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Madison, WI ( March 24, 2013 - The most unique dental specialist is the pediatric dentist, who actually functions as both a referral specialist and as a primary care provider. In the past, pediatric dentists were looked upon as the repository for the difficult child; however, the general care of children is their main responsibility. As part of the specialty training in pediatric dentistry, the use of medications to sedate and relax children is studied in great detail. In addition, childrens dentist Madison learns how to treat children in the operating room of a hospital while the children are asleep under general anesthesia. When infants and toddlers are put to sleep with a bottle it is not unusual for many teeth to rapidly decay. This used to be called, "Baby Bottle Caries" or "Bottle Decay Syndrome", but new research has shown the causes to be more complicated than first thought. The presently accepted terminology is "Early Childhood Caries", to reflect the observation that rampant tooth decay in children could have a multitude of causes.

In order to restore these badly decayed and often abscessed teeth, prefabricated stainless steel crowns are often the only restoration that will save them. This is because very large silver amalgam or tooth colored acrylic resin fillings oftentimes do not hold up under the forces of chewing and grinding over the lifetime of the primary tooth. If the decay goes into the "nerve" of the primary tooth, then removal of part of the infected pulp, a procedure called a pulpotomy, will be needed. The general dentist may feel that this amount of dental treatment will be especially hard on a child's emotional state and refer the person to a pediatric dentist, who is more thoroughly trained in not only the restorative techniques needed, but in assessing and assisting patient behavior patterns.

There are a lot of things have to be considered before visiting the childrens dentist Madison. One of the most important things that the parents have to consider while looking for dentist is to check the specialist experience and qualification. Check whether the dentist is licensed to practice dentistry or not. One could visit the ADA website or dental association website in order to know whether particular dentist is certified and licensed to practice dentistry or not. Internet is one of the best places to do some research about the best childrens dentists available in the city. Visit the BBB for more comments and reviews about that particular dental doctor or dental office.


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