Tulsa Bailbonds procedures

In case if the accused fail to show, the bail bondman has the right to hire somebody to bring the accused to the court.
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Tulsa, OK (prHWY.com) March 25, 2013 - In case if the accused fail to show, the bail bondman has the right to hire somebody to bring the accused to the court.

Bail bond procedure refers to the practice of a bondsman who promises to pay the court the full amount of a bail if a defendant fails to appear in court. Normally, the accused that is not able to pay the bail amount must pay the bondsman certain percentage of the amount in order to be released from custody under trial. Tulsa bailbonds have its own bail bond procedures.

Once an individual is arrested, the accused are put through booking process. At certain point, the state prosecutor must make a decision regarding the crime. The accused has to appear before the judge and that is called arraignment. In this time, the prisoner hears the formal charges and is asked to enter a plea. If the plea is like not guilty, a date is set for the trial. Normally the trial date will extend to months to years. Depending on the type of offense, the judge must decide whether to allow the defendant to remain out of jail until the trial. The bail serves as a financial incentive for the person to return to the court on scheduled time. Normally the judge asks for the bail money that is the amount that is related to the seriousness of the offense. If the accused appeared in the court in the scheduled dates, the court will then refund the bail. In case if the accused not turned up to the court, the person forfeits the bail money and a warrant will be issued for the arrest of the accused. In most of the cases, the accused will be unable to pay the amount, and at that occasion the need for bail bondman is required. Bail bonds are usually available round the clock. When a person needs a bail bond, the accused or his family has to pay 10% premium, which is non-refundable.

Tulsa bailbonds process takes about two to four hours or longer depending on the particular case and other matters. The bail bondsman should communicate with authorities at the holding facility, complete the required documentation and settle other matters. In return for the fee, the bail bondsman uses their understanding and knowledge of the judicial system to get the defendant freed from jail. The bail bondsman performs all the paper work that is required for completing the same and at the same time assumes liability also. Each client has to pay the bail bondsman the 10% cash guarantee.


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