Kraftwerk K9 Offers The Dogs Clean And Hygienic Atmosphere

This press release informs the readers that Kraftwerk K9 offers the dogs' clean and hygienic atmosphere.
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Rochester, WA ( July 30, 2010 - Wayne Curry, the owner of Kraftwerk K9 became a full time trainer in 1987, and since then, he has trained and handled different dogs in over 100 competitions world-wide. Kraftwerk K9 is known for providing its customers with high breed dogs especially German Shepherds at nominal prices. It has a team of 12 highly skilled professionals year round who are actively engaged and devoted to the dogs and puppies. Here, the dogs are provided with clean and hygienic atmosphere to live in and special raw meat diet is prepared for them.

Evans family, CA, wrote," Hi Wayne, I wanted to give you some updated information on how Kiara is doing in her new home. In short, We, love this dog. As you know, my wife Lisa had some logical reservations about placing a fully grown, fully trained protection dog right in the middle of our seven children. We selected Kraftwerk K9 after careful evaluation of several top kennels. These dogs are not inexpensive. None of them are at this level. They are however an excellent value and we feel that this was money very well spent. We are extremely pleased. Kiara has been with us for a week now and we have had nothing but success after success with her. Obviously, we followed your recommendations in not only selecting the right dog for our needs, but in integrating the dog into our family as well. We have yet to have anything occur that gave us reason pause, made us nervous, or become a problem behavior with virtually any part of our family or lifestyle. This dog is providing daily joy and plain old fun in addition to a new level of non lethal home security. Our family and friends simply adore this dog. She is extremely intelligent, nearly to the point of human intuition. She is very affectionate. She is attentive and obedient As she assimilates her new family, it is very clear that she is steady yet deliberate and resolute in protecting her new flock from strangers that give off the wrong signals. She is no deadhead. She is simply calm and measured in her responses to a given situation. I like that in people and I like that in dogs. Whether she is watching TV with the kids, riding in the car, or patrolling our property, this dog is doing a great job. Did I mention that we love this dog? Thank you for your expertise and continued support. I will keep you updated as to our progress."

About Kraftwerk K9

Kraftwerk K9 is a leading German Shepherd dog breeding and training facility based in Rochester, WA. This facility was founded by Wayne Curry who himself is a successful world championship competitor and national champion. Here, a dog lover can find puppies, older puppies, trained dogs, and a wide range of products for dog care and training. Please browse through for more information.


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