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Marietta, GA (prHWY.com) March 28, 2013 - Under Social Security rules, the client has a right to be represented at every stage of the appeal process by someone who understands the Social Security rules. This person may be a lawyer who specializes in Social Security matters, a non-lawyer from one of the many organizations that help people with Social Security claims or a family member or friend who may be better than client is at organizing documents, writing letters, or speaking. It is not usually necessary to get assistance in preparing or presenting his or her appeal at the reconsideration stage. After reconsideration, however, and particularly if the appeal involves medical issues, it is often wise to seek assistance. This assistance can take several forms: talking over the appeal with a knowledgeable friend or relative; having a person who specializes in Social Security problems go over client's papers with client, make suggestions, and assist client at hearings; or having an Atlanta Social Security Disability Attorney or other specialist prepare and present the appeal on behalf of client.

Deciding whether to hire a lawyer or to seek an experienced non-lawyer representative depends on several things, such as: The complexities of client's case. The more complicated the issues-- particularly those involving a physical or emotional condition as it relates to qualification for disability benefits--the more likely that client need expert help. How much money is at stake? For example, if client's appeal is only about whether his or her disability began in March or April, it is probably not worth hiring an attorney to represent client. The most client stand to win or lose is one month's benefits. On the other hand, if his or her benefits have been reduced significantly or denied entirely, it may well be worth the money to hire an attorney.

How comfortable one could feel handling the matter himself or herself. Particularly in the reconsideration stage of the appeal process, many people feel confident obtaining their own records and documents and discussing their claim with a local Social Security office worker. However, many other people are uncomfortable about explaining things convincingly, and so would like assistance even at this early stage. And most people become uncomfortable at the prospect of an administrative hearing, because they have never been through such a procedure before. If so, it is a good idea at least to get some advice from Atlanta Social Security Disability Attorney, and perhaps representation, before this stage of the appeal process.


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