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The word press blog features many articles discussing Darwin's wrong assumptions and the rationality of Darwin's theories.
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Indiana, IN ( March 28, 2013 - USA, March 26th, 2013: Charles Darwin's Darwinism originally included the concept of evolution of species and natural selection. There appeared a few theories opposing Darwinism stating various contradictions. Darwinwrong is a Wordpress blog featuring various articles discussing the concepts in Darwin's theories. The blog points out that Darwin's theory of Natural selection of species is wrong.

The blog contains many intriguing articles about Darwinism, one being the Errors of Neo-Darwinism, which is a modern reasoning concept on Darwin's theories. The article named 'Why is the Neo-Darwinian theory a pseudoscience?' comprises of three parts in the website. The first part includes the concept of Neo-Darwinism, the principles of the modern synthesis, the inconsistency of such principles and Popperian criterion of pseudoscience.

The second part discusses observations from Darwin himself that can prove this theory wrong. The third part concludes the article by stating various facts such as Darwin's failure in discovering the correct mechanisms to solidify his theories and how history proved Darwinism wrong on the basis of Neo-Darwinist theories. "Neo-Darwinism is masked as science and is a waste of public funding and resources," says Jianyi Zhang, the author of the article.

According to the article, modern biology brought forth several facts that test the rationality of Darwin's theories. Darwin explained that every cell contributes to the constitution of offspring which is the basis of evolution. The article states facts from modern biological studies that this doesn't have any impact on the next generation. In addition to this article, there are many other articles in the blog such as three meanings of Evolution, Two must-have components for Darwinian Evidences, Darwin's Delusion: A great scientific joke etc.
The blog features over 20 articles about Darwinism. Readers can choose from various categories like Basic concepts, Case Study, Scientific Jokes and Social Darwinism. To read various blogs about Darwinism and to understand why Neo-Darwinism is a pseudoscience, visit

About is a Wordpress blog featuring over 20 articles about Darwinism. 'Why is Neo-Darwinism theory a pseudoscience?' is an interesting article in the website which explains Darwin's errors and the facts behind Neo-Darwinism theories. The website, as it says, demystifies Darwin's theory of Natural selection. The website provides various categories for readers to choose from. The blog educates readers on the concepts of Darwinism and the contradicting theories of modern science that question Darwinian concepts.

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