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Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular, both as a replacement for tobacco products and a way to help users quit smoking over time.
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Owings Mills, MD ( March 28, 2013 - Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular, both as a replacement for tobacco products and a way to help users quit smoking over time. The more you know about what to expect from your electronic experience will help you decide if these will work for you or if you may not be able to use electronic cigarettes as part of your tobacco regimen.

While it is rare for users to have a negative experience when they switch from cigarettes to an electronic cigarette, it is important to be aware of any potential risks before you agree to use an electronic cigarette. These are intended to be used by those that are already familiar with tobacco products rather than those that are getting into the smoking community for the first time.

This will help you avoid any potential negative effects associated with these products.

Avoiding Unpleasant Side Effects

Electronic cigarettes have significantly fewer risks associated than regular cigarettes, but there are still a few exceptions customers should be aware of before using this device.

* Those who might be sensitive to nicotine such as pregnant women should not use electronic cigarettes.

* Those that are not smokers may not want to use electronic cigarettes as the nicotine content may spur them to pick up the habit.

* Those that may react to any ingredients in the nicotine vapor should speak to their doctor before purchasing an electronic cigarette.

While poor reactions to electronic cigarettes are fairly rare, it is important to be aware of the risks before starting to use these products. Most of the concern surrounding electronic cigarettes is the nicotine content that is intended to mimic the buzz that users get when smoking. Those that are sensitive to nicotine or could pass this ingredient to others (pregnant women or those that are breastfeeding) should avoid using these products.

Purchasing an electronic cigarette with an automatic shutoff can avoid users from overdosing on nicotine when using an ecigarette.

What You Can Expect

Those unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes might not know what they can expect when they start using their product.

* Electronic cigarettes do not emit a flame or smoke but they can get warm thanks to the heating element that produces the vapor.

* Your electronic cigarette should not emit a noticeable odor, though strong flavor packets may be slightly noticeable when used.

* Inhaling the nicotine vapor should be less difficult than sitting in a sauna or hot shower.

While electronic cigarettes are meant to mimic the use of traditional tobacco products, the negative aspects of using traditional cigarettes have been eliminated here. Different brands will provide a different experience for users, but the general idea behind the use of an electronic cigarette will be the same.

There is a significantly lower chance of offending others because there is no offensive odor or risk of damaging your surroundings when you switch to an electronic model. The heating element is also designed to prevent the risk of causing burns. Understanding what to expect from electronic cigarettes will help you determine if this tool is right for you.


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