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St. Louis, Mo, the author, Brian Irons, writes a book about drug addiction and the abuse. The book is titled, "I Did Not Know". The I Did Not Know book is not only for drug addicts, but also for non drug users.
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5655 kingbury, LA (prHWY.com) March 28, 2013 - St. Louis, Mo, the author, Brian Irons, writes a book about [http://www.heroinaddictoverdose.com/ drug addiction and the abuse]. The book is titled, "[http://www.heroinaddictoverdose.com/ I Did Not Know]". The I Did Not Know book is not only for drug addicts, but also for non drug users. The main purpose of the book is to show a world of people why nations are falling apart, due to the habitual use of chemical controlled substances. We believe stopping more people from being involved in drugs will soon make this a better world. The goal is to persuade people to realize, they are only hurting themselves, when allowing drugs to rule their minds. This Christian, who wrote a book on drug abuse and addiction, has a lot to say.

Although, the [http://www.heroinaddictoverdose.com/ I Did Not Know] story is about Brian Irons personal experiences, it has the power to save communities. Not only that, but the story is written to give people a bird's eye view of the importance of following their dreams. Our hope is to persuade more people to become dream fulfillers, rather than experiencing shattered dreams.

The scripture says, in Psalms 119: 20- He sent His word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction. The I Did Not Know book is a message sent by the Lord our God. The whole purpose of sharing the Word of God is to let people know there is help in the midst. The world was framed by words. Due to that alone, words are the powerful reason for a person's healing.

This drug addiction story has the formula for enabling people to live healthy and prosperous. It explains how and why Jesus should be the "way" of your life. This story will fit into whatever journey a person seems to be on. It will turn readers hearts and minds completely away from "self".

Staying focused on what's most important will always keep a mind faithful on desires. This story testifies about the importance of staying focused. Staying focused on the dreams you have set, will make this place a better world. The I Did Not Know story explains the consequences due to those who venture into the wrong direction.

Spiritual solutions are provided. The book is Christian based, and it provides scriptures to back up its reason for all things. Many believe marijuana is not a drug. They believe [http://www.heroinaddictoverdose.com/ Heroin, Cocaine, PCP, Inhalants, LSD, Methamphetamine], and Steroids are the only substances that destroy. After reading this book, you will see that it can all start with marijuana. One person's drug experience shall reveal it to the world.

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Company name : Heroinaddictoverdose
Contact name : Brian Irons
Email : coma4tendays@yahoo.com
Contact pn : (314) 281-3022
website : http://www.heroinaddictoverdose.com/
Address : 5655 kingbury ave St Louis 63112 M.O United States


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