Illustration art by CamelliaSuman in India Fashion Summit is all Set to Enthrall

Draupadi undoubtedly suffered a lot more than Bhishma. Yet, when it came to giving recognition, Bhisma got the respect and Draupadi got the stigma as the sinful woman who was punished with the early death.
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Faridabad, IN ( March 28, 2013 - For Immediate Release

Faridabad, Haryana, India - March 28, 2013: On (29th march 2013), at India fashion Summit, organized by IFFD will host a fashion show, on Women Empowerment. Among the other eminent personalities taking the stage, CamelliaSuman's installation art will be an integral part of the show that is believed to uphold the essence by providing the perfect platform for acting against woman corruption, subjugation and gender inequality. CamelliaSuman has been using his canvas as scepter to kill infliction brought upon the women by the Indian society. Among other intellectuals and contemporary artists, CamelliaSuman has earned special recognition across the county for his paintings that have always spoken about women being objectified, subjugated and dominated by the conservative laws of the society and women being treated either as a commodity and have been victims of pervert minds. Through his paintings, CamelliaSuman has always emphasized that the issue of women exploitation has not been a recent evil; rather, it has been existing since the time of Mahabharata when Yudhisthira had put Draupadi at stake against Kauravas in the game of dice to win back all the material wealth he and his brothers had lost in the game.

In the India Fashion Summit, CamelliaSuman will be coming up with a unique Installation art which depicts the plight of a woman in Indian society. Through his installation art, he is believed to illustrate the group of coward men in the society who do nothing to protect women's rights, the pervert crowd which seek an oppurtunity or the other to subjugate and humiliate women and the entire system that turns blind to all the ill inflicted upon women. The entrance of the show will have one of his best paintings revolving around the theme of woman subjugtion depicted through the event of Draupadi disrobement in the ancient epic of Mahabharata. The demons, the five cats, a blind man and "Dhrama" Himself will leave no room for guessing the incident he wish to refer and the message he wish to convey.

CamelliaSuman's illustration on the dais will further compliment the theme of the show. The molested figure of a woman will be lieing on her back over a trunk - tormented, depressed, dejected and ruined. The trunk is symbolic to the narrow headed society that audciously considers woman as a private property and the red robes of clothes coming off the trunk shall depict the tyrants eager to taste the woman's body, molest her and curb all her freedom and rights.

CamelliaSuman's exceptional Installation at India fashion Summit will speak against gender inequality and uphold the cause of women's empowerment not only to provide justice but also as a pathway for bringing sustainable development to the entire society.

About Camellia Suman: Born in the 1970s, in Burdwan district of west-Bengal, CamelliaSuman has come a long way to become one of the eminent contemporary artists in India today! His paintings promote gender equality and women's empowerment. Through his work, he aims to ensure that women have a real voice in society and participate equally with men and influence the decision-making process. He is also an avid blogger and keeps updating his blog on the same niche.

Address: 4584, Achievers Builders, Sector 49,
Faridabad, Haryana, India 121002
Phone Number: 099 58 715005


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