Benefits of Tea: What do You Know About That?

What do we know about tea? It is difficult to find a corner of the Earth, where there would have loved tea. This drink takes the second place after water. People drink tea from time immemorial. For thousands of years, lovers of tea appreciated him fo
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NY, NY ( March 28, 2013 - From antiquity to the present day mankind will acknowledge the beneficial effects of tea on the body. In the book "Mahzan-ul-advia" ("The Treasury of drugs") are the words of the Tajik physician of the XVIII century that "tea strengthens the powers of the body and the spirit, exciting, improves mood. The tea strengthens also stomach and sexual ability in people with a cold nature".

The ancient Chinese called the tea "fire of life". In the beginning of XVIII century physician of the Japanese Imperial court, noted that "the tea party contributes to the purification of the blood, cleanses the mucous membrane of the eye, regulates the function of the liver and spleen, eliminates drowsiness and lethargy, and quickens the muscles of the body..."

The tea has a tonic effect on the human organism, strengthens the vital functions, and perfectly quenches thirst. It allows a person to a long time to transfer the lack of food, so the tea is an indispensable guide of travelers, geologists, to the seafarers. In many armies tea is mandatory food product.
In medical practice, the known ability of tea to have a positive impact on renal function. Experience shows that people suffering from the diseases of the kidneys, perfectly tolerate tea, he brings no harm even in acute and chronic nephritis with signs of renal failure. The beneficial effects of tea in these cases are that it relieves the General weakness of and lack of appetite, characteristic for these diseases.

It is also known beneficial effects of tea for diseases of respiratory system. This is explained by the fact that during the tea party intensively cell metabolism in the respiratory tract. Therefore, tea is a useful diaphoretic and stimulant for all catarrhal diseases of respiratory organs.
Tea is rich in vitamins. Contained in tea vitamin B2 contributes to the increase of elasticity of the skin, makes it more elastic and beautiful.

The tea contains a lot of fluorine. Therefore it is a means of protection of the teeth, prevents the formation of caries. The only trouble is that most people drink tea with sweets, significantly reducing the beneficial effects of tea.

Since ancient times, also known health benefits of tea on the human nervous system. Under the influence of tea increases the flow of oxygen to the cells of the brain, there is increasing its activity, improves breathing, increased gas exchange.

Tea is able to rid the body of harmful substances, including heavy metals, positively affecting the stomach, kidneys and liver.

This drink makes people kinder, talkative, helps keep the conversation and find appropriate solutions. So drink tea for a successful work, the unfading beauty and good health for many years. On the background of the growing number of evidence of the benefits of tea is becoming increasingly clear: daily drinking tea, you choose healthy life.


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