Doc's has created a new formula that is thicker, longer-lasting, and more heat-resistant, said Doc's founder Joshua Barton, M.D., the athlete-physician who created the cream.
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Dallas, TX ( March 29, 2013 - Popular cycling cream is thicker, more durable for better skin protection on long rides.

Dallas, TX, Oct. 2012--Doc's Skin Care for Athletes announced today that its best-selling Doc's All Natural Chamois Creamâ„¢ now works even better against chafing and infection. Doc's has created a new formula that is thicker, longer-lasting, and more heat-resistant, said Doc's founder Joshua Barton, M.D., the athlete-physician who created the cream.

"Our chamois cream still has the same powerful grunge- and friction-fighting qualities. It still has a higher concentration of aromatic, anti-fungal tea tree oil than any other chamois cream on the market," said Barton.

"But our customers are competitive and ride often and hard. New riders too are prone to sores. They need the best protection available against skin irritation, breakdown, and infection. We decided to make our chamois cream even thicker and longer-lasting," said Barton, a high-level competitor himself.

"The new formula works even better in the heat. It doesn't separate or melt," Barton said.

For Doc's invaluable tips about saddle sores, skin breakdown, nutrition, and other health issues for bikers, runners, and other athletes, visit his blog.

About Docs' All Natural Chamois Creamâ„¢
Doc's All Natural Chamois Creamâ„¢ has been recommended by biking bloggers for its "almost edible" ingredients, its "cost-per-ride," and its superiority to other chamois creams on the market.

Unlike other water-based chamois creams, the primary ingredient in Doc's All Natural Chamois Creamâ„¢ is aloe vera, which has been used since ancient times for its healing, anti-inflammatory power. Natural coconut oil creates the durable anti-friction barrier between a rider's skin and the chamois pad. The cream also contains witch hazel and its signature tea tree oil. Appreciated for washing clean, Doc's long-lasting chamois cream contains no toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin and no silicone or petroleum-based mineral oil that can damage the skin and riding shorts.

The cream is sold in 8-ounce tubs and in packs of 10 individual 5ml tubes for easy application.

About Doc's Skin Care for Athletes -- Only the Natural Ingredients You Need

Doc's Skin Care for Athletes makes unique natural skincare products for cyclists, runners, triathletes, and endurance athletes that contain only necessary and effective ingredients--no useless fillers. The Texas-based company was founded in 2010 by Barton, a practicing physician, high-level competitive cyclist, and all-around endurance sportsman. In addition to its best-selling Doc's All Natural Chamois Creamâ„¢, the company's other all-natural personal care products include Doc's All Natural Saddle Sore Ointmentâ„¢, Doc's All Natural Cool Weather Embrocationâ„¢, Doc's All Natural Massage Elixirâ„¢, Doc's All Natural Muscle Balmâ„¢, and the recently introduced Doc's All Natural Chafe Stickâ„¢.

Doc's Skin Care products are sold in retail bike and athletic shops throughout the US and Europe, and online at Performance Bicycle, Amazon, and Planet-X Bikes in the UK.

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