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La, AK ( March 30, 2013 - Despite Wilson RMAH already reached the target to reduce account fraud (third party Diablo 2 items trading website often to steal passwords and credit card information), and claims that there is sufficient evidence to show that, according to the daily trading volume there are still a lot of people want to have this feature. Wilson openly admit that this is a wrong solution. "This is not suitable for games such as Diablo, take the money for equipment which does not feel good, is a good feeling to get items from killing monsters" in the commotion of the fans in the audience, he so said.

In retrospect, this may not be the best idea.

So why not take the obvious approach completely remove it? Diablo 3 on May 7, 2012 after nearly a year, according to Wilson's game every day still has 100 million players per month over 3 million unique players. Any game is a pretty amazing number, which is higher than the proportion of the expected auction house. Wilson said before the launch, Blizzard had expected only a small number of rare and valuables shelves (auction house), but the reality is that many players, "almost all items are thrown into the cash auction house to sell, because we have no reason not to do this. "Do not know how many loyal players choose to leave suddenly auction house to remove, they will not act rashly. "This thing teams every week to discuss and hope to solve this problem," Wilson said, he now has to go to Blizzard's another unannounced project work.

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