2013 Trucking Industry Trends

With the positive growth in the US economy and industrial growth in other sectors, trucking industry continues to grow at the rapid speed each year.
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Portland, OR (prHWY.com) March 31, 2013 - With the positive growth in the US economy and industrial growth in other sectors, trucking industry continues to grow at the rapid speed each year. Trucking or transportation industry is the cornerstone of the growth in every sector, whether it is hospitality industry or consumer goods sector. All the industries need to transport good to and from a particular destination. Therefore, it is important for truckers and transporting companies to understand the emerging market scenario and take advantage of the new technology and trends in the trucking industry. Truckers and freight brokers can save a huge cost by efficiently utilizing the new developments.

Improvement in US Economy

The US economy is recovering from the recession and the road to recovery see the growth in many sectors including real estate as well as construction. Therefore, the demand for transportation companies, logistics, freight brokers and truckers has spurred. This trend can prove favorable for the truckers. They can now earn more money by getting more loads and that too frequently. All one needs is to use the advanced technical tools such as online load boards that provide the real time information of the truck loads.

Increase in Demand for Young Drivers

USA is an aging society. Therefore, the number of people who are aging and retiring from work is increasing every year. The trucking industry is no exception to it. Therefore, it is important to understand that the truckers and 3PL (third party logistics) company look into filling the vacant positions of drivers immediately to take the advantage of the booming transportation industry. Due to the lack of experienced and licensed drivers, many 3PLs are facing the tough challenge and are incurring huge losses. However, those truck drivers that are still in good stead can reap the benefits of this dearth of drivers. They can command higher pay and work for more hours and thus making more money.

Increase in Fuel Prices

With the oil prices increasing, the diesel and other fuel prices are increasing every day. The price of diesel has almost doubled up in less than a decade. Therefore, this inflationary trend increases the overall cost of transportation. Truckers and freight brokers need to bear the brunt of increased cost. However, this trend can be reversed by using the natural gas which is way cheaper than the diesel and also helps in reducing the carbon footprint. Therefore, the trucking companies need to systematically plan to replace their diesel trucks to the trucks that can be run on natural gas.

Therefore, taking a look at the business scenario that is fast changing, can help truckers, drivers as well as freight brokers maximize their earnings. Study the emerging trends in us economy to maximize the benefits in trucking industry.


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