Used Toyota Engines

Used Toyota Engines imported from Japan offer greater value as they are low mileage.
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Los Angeles, CA ( May 17, 2013 - Japan is the only power house in this world where it is feasibly possible to find low mileage engines and transmissions because of strict transportation laws. Japanese people barely drive for four to five years and they drive mostly on weekends because going to work by public transport is so much easier and cost effective. A 2-way trip from Osaka to Tokyo costs just $100 and sounds pragmatic compared to driving as parking is difficult to find in Japan and it is very expensive. Even fuel prices per liter are more expensive in Japan in comparison to prices in USA. Japanese people religiously take their vehicle for servicing to the dealer. There are no body shops, after-market parts or cheap mechanics who work from home, their only choice is to take their vehicle to the dealer.

There are very few importers in United States because buying from Japan is not easy. Used Toyota Engines imported from Japan are very famous in USA. Most Truck engines available at a Junk Yard in the U.S have over 200,000 miles because average mileage driven on a truck in a year is around 40,000-50,000 miles. Therefore there is a great demand for Toyota 5VZ, 3VZ, 2RZ, 2TR FE, 3RZ engines for Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, 4Runner & Pick Up engines from Japan.

There is a very famous importer in USA called Engine World Inc in Houston, Tx. They have their own head office in Japan. They extensively Test their engines before shipping. Failure rate on these engines is less than 2% which sounds really good. Low mileage & Tested Used Toyota motors is the best option as it gives better value for money.

US economy has shown growth, unemployment figures are going down an Nasdaq has broken records this year therefore with upbeat sentiment in the market there is huge demand for commercial trucks. Many businesses are repairing there trucks and therefore there is a huge demand for Toyota Used engines in the country as Toyota trucks are very famous all over USA.

We recommend checking this famous website for Toyota engines:


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