R.J. Banks Launches Kickstarter Appeal - Publication Of The Power Of The

R.J. Banks, dedicated law of attraction expert, author and teacher is proud to announce the official launch of his Kickstarter fundraiser appeal. His appeal aims to raise funds to help publish his book - The Power Of The "I Am."
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Seattle, WA (prHWY.com) June 18, 2013 - The fundraiser starts with Banks explaining that thousands of consumers face problems each and everyday, mostly directly related to self-esteem or self-confidence issues. Unfortunately, these issues get worse as times goes by, as the subconscious part of the mind keeps re-iterating the same points over and over again - thus making them worse. Over time, the law of attraction theory has proven that the state of mind that a person has is often directly influenced by their thought processes, and the types of statements that they associate themselves with. An example, a person who consistently refers to themselves as being fat will typically put on more weight.

After gathering over 12,500 Facebook followers, https://www.facebook.com/LOAAffirmations and from delivering extremely rewarding law of attraction programs, Banks has become one of the most proficient and highly valued contributors to the field of the law of attraction. His book aims to provide a comprehensive overview to the law of attraction, and aims to help readers to change their mindset to experience a more positive lifestyle. The book focuses entirely on the "I Am" approach to the law of attraction.

The Power of the "I Am" and the Law of Attraction begins by taking one through a step-by-step preparation process. This is done in order to first clear the psychological and emotional path one needs, and to help remove any blocks one may have regarding worthiness or belief. This self-awareness "cleansing" process is used to mentally condition, and prepare one to incorporate the law of attraction successfully, to create a joyous, abundant and prosperous life. The "Ask, Believe, Receive" process is also presented in a step-by-step format.

All contributors to the fundraiser will receive exclusive rewards as a thank-you for supporting the book's launch. Some of the rewards on offer include advanced copies in either print, eBook or audio format, among several other goodies. The pledge drive goes until July 20th. Pledges will NOT be processed until the end of the campaign. Pledges start at just $1.00 and even $1.00 will make a HUGE impact.

To learn more about the book, and to help Banks begin raising funds for the publication of his law of attraction book, head over to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rjbanks/the-power-of-...

Readers can also learn more about Bank's law of attraction programs by visiting:http://www.loaaffirmations.com/

About R.J. Banks

Robert is a lover of wisdom, Philosophy and a passionate student of life who is committed to inspiring and empowering millions of people to live their greatest lives as he studies, embodies and shares his knowledge of inspired optimal living and co-creating a life we all deserve as God's children. He has found that true joy and happiness is in serving and helping others.

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