Create a Map to Find Better Location Insight with Online Mapping

Not all companies use data analysis to provide them with better business insights. But when online mapping is used to create a map, location analysis be used to drive significant insights for business improvement.
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Naperville, IL ( June 24, 2013 - The business world agrees that there is a large roadblock between geographic location data analysis and clear insight. This is because location data may be one of the many things that most companies take for granted. As new talents provide analysis from such data, many companies still face challenges on how to transform their analysis into something much more insightful that companies can practically use. While some companies continue to face the complexities of their data, there are companies that have discovered the use of one business intelligence tool that leads them to bridge the gap between analysis and insight., an online mapping provider, offers simple yet very practical approaches to make good use of data analysis. Users spend a few minutes of their time to create a map and use the value derived from it to deliver big results. users' success stories have emerged since the mapping site started its mission to make mapping simple. One of them is Tom Haydon, a successful businessman running his own company. He said about, "You folks have a great piece of software here. I was able to create a useful map within a few minutes of opening an account."

Online Mapping Backed by Functional Features

Companies experience in firsthand the emerging success as they use to help them with their location data analysis and use its meaning to promote their business, improve business operations, make better decisions, and enhance customer relationships. Below are some features of used by its many satisfied customers to give them clear insights:

Create a Map from Excel Spreadsheet Locations

The first thing that a business analyst needs to do if he is swamped with address locations is to map them. allows its users to create maps for free using data gathered from their Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. They can copy the Excel data and paste it to the online mapping site. The result is an exceptional visual that can be easily understood. In less than 3 minutes, they can start their analysis to drive insights useful to their business.

Add Multiple Address Locations Data Set Layers

To create a map in an instant is not the only feature that users can take advantage of as they use It is just the beginning. allows its Plus Members to add as much data sets as they can. In so doing, they can ponder over the connections between each set of address locations that will be very useful to their critical decision making. For instance, they can plot maps that contain data of their customers, suppliers, retail outlets, distribution centers, prospect customers, and many more. Unlimited maps can also be drafted using different data sets.

Company leaders can attain long-term strong business values as they foresee and use their data analysis to give them clear business insights using an effective BI mapping tool like online mapping.


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