How Location Mapping Helps Businesses Achieve Growth in Half the Time

Location mapping with online mapping is the answer to help businesses achieve growth in half the time. For only $20 a month, users can have more systematic and focused approach on how to be successful.
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Naperville, IL ( August 22, 2013 - Business companies in general believe that understanding data is a key to success. In fact, according to a business report, in 2012, businesses in the USA have spent almost $50 million just to help them understand their data to improve their marketing strategies. Sadly, not all companies have experienced success in a way that they wanted to. The reason? The tool they used fell short in providing timely help to move their business from dormant to success. has been in the business of providing exceptional data visualization through online mapping for 5 years. Since then, a long list of companies has been added to the growing number of satisfied users. They use as a top application to help them analyze location data in half the time. Denyce Kehoe from has been using to help her create a map for business analysis. She said, "I've spent over 20 years in sales for visionary companies such as Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine and and has quickly become one of my top applications that helps me drive sales."

Plus Version: Plus Mapping Benefits and More

Mapping using the Plus version is intended for gaining more insights from data to add in new perspectives as users create a map. They help the users stay motivated as they continuously learn new ideas for a better approach. Below are the most common features of the Plus version that most users found to be ideal tools:

Customized Map Markers

If there is one thing that people in general would say as they create a map, it is that maps are "boring." To help un-bore the users, online mapping makes it possible for users who are just being introduced to the concept of mapping to bring life to their maps by customizing their map markers. They can choose from more than 450 choices that can be readily used. They can even upload their own images to be used as map markers.

Add Unlimited Address Locations Data Sets

Address locations data sets are considered to be the missing piece to understand a big jigsaw puzzle of data. Without these data sets, the connections between location characteristics remains a blur. When data sets are added according to specific characteristics, the data can be easily segmented, categorized, and organized. It will lead to data analysis in half the time.

For only a minimal investment of $20 a month or $220 a year, companies will not go wrong with these online mapping tools that will truly help them bring out the best from location mapping.


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