Online Mapping Tool Helps Transform Prospects to Customers

The biggest challenge to many business leaders is to convert their prospects into customers. online mapping tool is used to achieve this goal. The simplest way to create a map is the key to successful conversion.
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Naperville, IL ( October 24, 2013 - Business leaders face a tumultuous challenge of enticing prospects to become long-term customers. They perceive that selling is an art and just like any artist, it also needs tools to create an exceptional masterpiece. In selling, successful conversion from prospects to customers is the masterpiece. To achieve this goal, business leaders need a tool that will help them transform prospects to customers - online mapping. Its advanced mapping framework and geocoding services make converting interested prospects easier than anticipated. With growing competition every day, business leaders need something that will help them capture the most needed information in the most perfect time. makes it possible for them to create a map from Excel data of address locations in less than 3 minutes - a great help to cut through all the general influx that industries are feeding the prospects.

Today's leaders cannot afford to just waste their money, time and effort. Using to help them analyze huge chunks of address locations data is a timely answer to face salesmanship with a clear target in mind while speeding the process of creating new strategies and business plans Tom Haydon who runs his own consulting firm said, "You folks have a great piece of software here. I was able to create a useful map within a few minutes of opening an account."

Achieving 4 Objectives of Conversion Through Online Mapping


Converting prospects that companies do not have is impossible. They need to find new prospects first and gather them to Excel. When everything is collated, they can create a map in a few minutes. Mapping helps in "market funneling" to give the users a clear view on the locations of their prospects.


As soon as the users identify their prospects on the maps, the next key to successful conversion is to maintain contact with them for their services or products. But how would they know what these prospects really need? Adding multiple address locations data is the answer. allows its Plus version subscribers to add limitless data sets so they can analyze the connections between data sets. It is like looking through synapses of data leading to relevant information that helps the users identify the real needs of their prospects.


A smart company leader would perceive that his prospects need a reason to move. He should do something to engage their prospects. helps in this area. Since at this stage prospects are still not ready to make a large commitment, plus users are can embed maps on their websites. In this way, they can service the informational needs of their prospects anyhow that works best. Getting prospects to declare what they are really looking for will help you serve them with more meaningful communications.


Sometimes prospects just can't make a decision. More often than not, company leaders need to use tools to accelerate their decision making towards the products and services offered. How can users know what really drives the prospects to be customers? They can use customize map markers to represent their address data. When maps with different map markers are shown, they can initially identify what will motivate their prospects to support the service or what will prompt them to purchase the products. Customizing map markers is also a great way to learn what else to offer to fill the needs of the prospects.

Business leaders and marketing communications professionals finally moved from a decades-long method of salesmanship and use online mapping tool to help them create a map in a few minutes with rewarding results.


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